How to have a barbecue evening on the balcony?

How to have a barbecue evening on the balcony?

It's summer, it's hot, the sun is shining… and we're going out to the barbecue on the balcony! However, the fumes and smells of barbecue that circulate from one balcony to the other often smoke up neighborly relationships. Before marinating the skewers, we tell you how to barbecue on your balcony without putting your neighbors on your back.

A barbecue on my balcony: what does the law say?

If, as a general rule, the use of barbecues is authorized on balconies, it is better to check beforehand what local regulations say. To do this, two steps are essential: * Check with the town hall: a municipal stop may limit or prohibit the use of barbecues on balconies and terraces of buildings. Before cracking your match, check that there is none. * Consult the rules of the condominium: this may include a clause governing the use of barbecues in your building, the types of appliance authorized or the times allowed for grilling merguez and chipolatas. Are these two points validated? You have the green light to send a WhatsApp message to your directory: "BBQ tonight on my balcony!" ... But beware, certain precautions are necessary to avoid causing neighborhood disturbance, all the more so when space is limited. reduced.

Fancy a barbecue on your balcony? Certain precautions are necessary!

Barbecue on the balcony: a matter of common sense

As is often the case in the neighborhood, using the barbecue on the balcony is primarily a matter of common sense. To enjoy the pleasure of grilling without forcing the neighbor to snap into his apartment, we therefore avoid: * Using his barbecue morning, noon and evening: you remember your kitchen, its induction hobs, its hood and your battery kitchen? Everything is in its place ! * To infringe the established rules: the co-ownership regulations stipulate that only electric barbecues are authorized? And hop, the charcoal barbecue ... on Le Bon Coin! * To blacken the walls with the projections of smoke and ashes: not sure that the new wall decoration is to the taste of the neighbor, the condominium or the commune… * To stick his barbecue near the shrub (of the neighbor) or from the dividing barrier: you can grill without "invading" the neighbor! * To light the barbecue with the sole purpose of smoking the neighbor: there, it really smells of perversity (in addition to the smell of grills!). Because the neighbors' party is played throughout the year, we think to warn our neighbors before THE annual festive barbecue. And we take the opportunity (possibly) to invite this neighbor who is watching you from the top of his terrace with an envious air ... Friendliness and friendliness are the secrets of increased tolerance.

For healthy cooking and less smoke, the plancha is ideal.

Barbecue on the balcony: safety first!

You can light your BBQ without lighting the fire… in the building! To combine the pleasure of grilling and safety, we therefore avoid: * Using methylated spirits, chemical-based fire starter cubes, or even petrol to light your barbecue: prefer newspaper, a match and a good old bellows! * Install your BBQ near a wooden door, a tree or under a canvas parasol: the barbecue will be kept away from any flammable source and will be placed, if possible, sheltered from the wind. * To operate a barbecue that does not comply with CE or NF safety standards and / or that has not benefited from maintenance since the year of your birth: in the same way as the technical inspection of a vehicle, annual maintenance barbecue is essential! * Leaving your barbecue on the balcony unattended: the small size of a balcony does not protect you from the risk of fire. One watchword therefore: vigilance!

Especially on a balcony, you should never leave the barbecue unattended.

Which barbecue for my balcony?

Odor nuisance, annoying smoke, nuisance odors and traces of soot on the facades ... Charcoal barbecues are, as you understand, rarely tolerated on balconies. Unless the regulations of your co-ownership authorize it, you will opt instead for an electric or gas model. Heresy for fans of charcoal-braised meats, the electric barbecue is particularly suitable for small balconies and small terraces. Fixed or mobile, the electric barbecue reduces the risk of odors and kindling ... in addition to reducing the bill! The gas barbecue, especially the compact, portable and table models, is also very suitable for balconies. Beware however of the use of propane gas. Tenants and owners of small balconies will be seduced by a barbecue-planter for balcony that attaches to the railing, like a planter. The neighbors will only see fire ...

Who says barbecue on the balcony says little barbecue! A barbecue-planter for balcony will be perfect!