Meet Céline, a fan of decor and pastries

Meet Céline, a fan of decor and pastries

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Céline lets us discover her world of delicacies and sweets on her blog Les Yeux Grognons. Whether for tasty recipes, or adorable DIY decor, Celine's good humor is contagious and makes us want to reproduce her creations at home. True passion for decoration and cooking, she tells us about her blog and shares her secrets… What prompted you to embark on the Grumpy Eyes adventure? I created Les Yeux Grognons to have a virtual space in which I could express and group my different passions (DIY and pastry) with the desire to share them with as many people as possible. Her little something extra? I will let you judge by yourself ! For you, if there was only one DIY tip to remember, what would it be? My DIY tip? No longer throw your cans, spray them with matt black paint, they will make pretty plant pots for your plants!

To customize our flower pots, Céline offers us to make paper planters When I start a tutorial, it is not always a success ... And you, have you ever missed yourself? My biggest failure is undoubtedly a DIY concrete stool - it never saw the light of day. It was at the very beginning of the blog, everything was ok until the moment to unmold it, then the disaster arrived, it split in two ... But I did not say my last word! What is your next challenge? I have to redo the decoration of my room soon and I really want to make a rack to accommodate clothes and shoes.

We fell in love with this self-made lamp in the copper trend. To find Les Yeux Grognons: