How to lay parquet?

How to lay parquet?

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  • The necessary equipment
  • Prepare the premises and the parquet
  • The resilient underlay
  • Laying parquet boards
  • Parquet finishes

1. The necessary equipment

Aesthetically speaking, the laying of parquet planks is intended to be perpendicular to the direction of light in a room. If you choose this option, locate the largest window in your space before starting work. For the material plan: * a roll of resilient underlay and adhesive tape (optional) * a pencil * one meter * expansion wedges (8 mm thick) * a bladder * a hammer * and knee pads for comfort!

2. Prepare the premises and the parquet

The parquet must be installed on a clean and straight floor. You can keep your existing covering - even if it is made of carpet, to come and lay the new one on condition that it is therefore in good condition. Note that it will also be more comfortable for your installation to remove the plinths from the wall if you have one. * Clean the floor regardless of the coating on which you will place the parquet boards. * Make sure there is no adhesive residue or dust for perfect adhesion of the future coating. * Take care to check that the floor is now level before proceeding to the next step - otherwise it is essential to level it.

3. Preparation of the parquet and underlay

For the future floor: * Take the boards out of their packaging 24 hours before laying and place them in the room. This step allows the material to match the humidity level of your interior. The installation of an underlay is not compulsory although it improves daily comfort. The latter reduces the noise of footsteps on the floor. If you wish to install one: * Place the rollers perpendicular to the parquet boards on the floor. * Stick adhesive to join each piece. * Your floor is now ready to receive the parquet boards in the best conditions.

4. The laying of parquet boards

The first row of boards meets specific criteria for the rest of the work to go smoothly. * Keep a space of 8 mm between each part of the wall and the corners of the blade that will be in contact. This net makes it possible to obtain an area conducive to the expansion of the wood to prevent it from cracking. * Place the first boards along the wall, clipped one after the other. * Make sure that the last blade measures at least 40 cm in length. If not, saw the first one and try the operation again. This singular measure allows the ground to obtain good stability, so it is necessary to pay attention to it. The next row then begins with the fall of the last blade used. Thus, the joints will be offset throughout the part for a natural and non-symmetrical effect. To clip the blades evenly and efficiently, use a blade puller and a hammer to knock in the wood. Your different parts will fit neatly together for optimum results.

5. Finishes of the parquet

Once all the boards are installed, it is important to wait an hour before any interaction on the floor. After 60 minutes: * Remove the expansion wedges. * Cut with the cutter the excess of under-layer which protrudes from the ground. * If you want to glue plinths, make sure to leave a light space for the wood expansion once again. Your new floor is now laid, ready to be pampered if necessary, with oil for nutrition or varnish for protection.