Tutorial: making a painting in string art

Tutorial: making a painting in string art

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In the trendy DIY family, string art is champion. Accessible to all levels of DIY enthusiasts, it costs almost nothing and upgrade the decor in less than two… Even better? The result is unique, personalized, trendy and frankly canon. Prepare the spools of thread, we tell you everything!


A board with the desired dimensions A varnish or an oil for the board (optional) Nails A hammer Twine or cotton thread Paper Scissors


1. Print or draw the desired shape. If you choose letters, choose a thick and simple font or draw them by hand. Then cut out the letters or shape with scissors.

2. Position the model on the board until the result suits you. Secure the shape (s) with tape.

3. Plant nails about every inch with the hammer, around the shape inside and out. The nails should draw all the contours. Then remove the scotch tape and the paper shapes.

4. Oil, skate, wax, tint the board depending on the desired decoration result… or simply leave it raw, it's just as trendy! If you have chosen a light colored string, it will stand out better on a dark background, and vice versa.

5. Attach one end of the wire to a nail, just below the tip. Then wrap it on the neighboring nail, then the next one, and so on to draw all around the shape. Once the outline is finished, pass the wire on the opposite nail, then zig-zag from side to side, from top to bottom. The design is random, the wire should simply cross enough to partially fill the surface of the pattern between the nails!

6. Continue in the same way letter after letter. When you run out of thread or are near the end of a shape, tie a knot around a nail. Cut a little further and hide the end in the intertwining of threads.

7. It's over! Add a hook behind the board and hang your work prominently.