10 plants out of the ordinary

10 plants out of the ordinary

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Geraniums, topiaries, hydrangeas and agapanthus bother you? If you don't want your garden to look like your neighbor's, why not cultivate rarer varieties that will adapt perfectly to your climate without giving you that unpleasant impression of deja-vu? Demonstration with these 10 easy-to-grow varieties spotted for you at the Chantilly Plant Days.

Aquilegia caerulea 'Virginia', an easy-to-grow plant

This little American columbine is as beautiful as it is easy to grow! Hyper rustic, it resists drought and lack of watering, likes ordinary soil and likes the sun as much as the shade. No need to have a green thumb to see it bloom in May and June and impress your gardening buddies.

A columbine columbine with very beautiful blue flowers

The primula vialii, a very original primrose

As strange as it may seem, this funny flower in purple spike, with a small red hat on the head, is a ... primrose. She likes rich and humid lands and flowers in June and July to the delight of collectors and the curious.

A strange primrose in two-color spike…

Helychrysum 'Ruby Cluster'

This strange rock flower loves the sun and poor or sandy soils. If it fears humidity and cold, it deserves all the attention of gardeners for its sublime gray foliage that we want to touch and its strange flowers that would almost make us want to make dry bouquets ... What surprise your neighbors!

Beautiful bouquets of dry flowers emerging from a gray sea…

The kalmia latifolia 'Little Linda'

Native to North America, this extremely hardy plant is best found in heather soils, cool soils and mountain gardens. Its beautiful evergreen leaves, a beautiful lustrous green, decorate the garden all year round. In spring, the small geometric pink flowers of the kalmia latifolia 'Little Linda' bring a real touch of originality to the beds, which can exceed a meter in height. We love !

Pink flowers like candy…

Irish heather 'Rosea'

Ideal as a ground cover, this Irish heather would almost immediately make us forget the heather charm of our gardens. Easy to grow in acidic and sandy soil, this variety with beautiful dark green foliage and fuchsia pink flowers will capture the attention of plant enthusiasts who are out of the ordinary.

An original plant, perfect as a ground cover

'Splendide' thalictrum delavayi

We fell in love with this very beautiful variety with chiseled foliage and lilac flowers which form a real floral cloud. Light and airy, its panicles bring an extraordinary charm to the garden throughout the summer. Sumptuous on a garden hoop.

A cloud of flowers of rare poetry

The tillandsias, an original touch in the veranda or your interior

Don't have a garden? To bring a touch of originality to the veranda or your interior, the tillandsia is perfect. This epiphytic plant intrigues as much by its mode of cultivation without soil as by its colorful flowers which look nothing like what we are used to seeing. Easy to grow, it will be highlighted in a suspension and will surprise you for a long time if you think of spraying it regularly.

Easy to grow, the tillandsia will be highlighted in a suspension

The callistemon x laevis

Coming from Australia, this strange shrub intrigues as much by its oblong leaves as by its long flowers in the shape of a bright red ear. There is no doubt that these Australian feather duster will make your garden the most original in the neighborhood throughout the summer and until the first frosts. And if you feel like it, you can even make bouquets that will last a long time in a vase! Ideal by the sea and in a temperate climate.

Carmine red bottle brushes, bottle rinses or garden flowers?

The eryngium 'Neptune's Gold'

How beautiful are these thistles with golden foliage! Ultra-decorative, they like poor, dry soils and sunny exposures. In summer, their hearts turn dark blue and contrast with the golden hues of their bracts. It only remains to pick them to make beautiful bouquets to dry!

Golden thistles for a sparkling garden!

Bellflower 'Pink Octopus'

Campanula or sprawling octopus? Both my captain! The pink and tubular flowers of this indisputably original bellflower will make your balcony a real botanical curiosity. And yes, the bellflower 'Pink Octopus' grows very well in pots and planters, you can even grow it on a simple window sill ... Do we try?

Aerial flowers for a balcony full of lightness


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