These fruits that wish you well

These fruits that wish you well

"5 fruits and vegetables per day": we all have in mind this recommendation from nutritionists, popularized with the help of televised slogans. If all fruits have virtues for our health, what are the specific benefits of each? How to choose them according to our needs? Nature wants us good, let's take advantage of it!

Thanks to the fruit, we fill up on energy for the summer!

Do you lack energy? Is your body struggling to keep up with your hectic days? It's time to recharge your batteries! Good news, fruits can help you! Rich in vitamins C, blackcurrants will be precious allies to meet your daily obligations. If your drop in shape looks like a little hypoglycemia, dates and bananas will be second to none to get you back on your feet! Rich in fructose, these fruits are favored by athletes, who are aware of their virtues in terms of tone. You just have to make your choice.

Bananas, to get back on your feet!

Seasonal fruit to fill up on minerals!

To replenish your magnesium stocks, often damaged by stress and modern diet, turn to the side of dried fruit . Almonds and walnuts have record magnesium content: it would be a shame to miss them! Furthermore, did you know that the calcium contained in fruits is much better assimilated by the body than that of dairy products? Again, dried fruits contain a large amount: this is good reason to always have on hand a cup filled with hazelnuts and pistachios…

Almonds and nuts to fill up on magnesium

Fruits to preserve your health

"Let your diet be your first medicine": Hippocrates, Greek scholar and father of medicine, had already said it all a little over 2000 years ago! Regular consumption of fruit is an effective bulwark against many modern diseases. Rich in antioxidants, apricot and mango effectively combat the fouling of our cells, which is responsible for many cancers. On the heart side, opt for the cherry, whose role has been demonstrated in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Fruits know how to take care of our health, let us trust them!

Rich in antioxidants, apricots take care of our health!