PVC flooring in a bathroom: all you need to know

PVC flooring in a bathroom: all you need to know

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The advantages of a PVC floor in a bathroom

An original bathroom floor  

To renovate a wet room, there are today many alternatives, including PVC-based coatings. They are offered today in a wide range of different colors and patterns. They adapt very well to all the atmospheres of bathrooms and have real advantages for those who wish to redo their bathroom. - slip : If, a few years ago, PVC floor coverings were removed from bathrooms because they were considered too slippery, today textures have evolved and slipperiness is measured to be minimal. Controlled skids! - resistant : The latest generations of PVC are resistant to the humid environment, splashes of soap or shampoo, and fatty substances if they are maintained regularly. - decorative : PVC floor coverings offer an infinite variety of patterns and colors to adapt to the ambiance you want to give to your bathroom.

What to pay attention to with PVC flooring

There are a multitude of PVC floor patterns  

If this PVC alternative for your bathroom floor is attractive because it allows easy installation and a wide choice of colors and patterns, it is important to pay attention to certain details. On this kind of soil, care must be taken not to drop solvents which could create stains and deteriorate the surface of the coating, ditto with the rubber rubs which tend to mark more than on any other surface. Also, keep in mind that these PVC floors, although much more resistant than before, cannot last a lifetime, unlike tiling for example. This argument can however allow you to follow changes in your tastes and desires and thus change them regularly!

Choosing and maintaining your PVC floor

Dare to use patterns in your bathroom!  

Formerly called "lino" and dragging behind it a reputation that implied "poor quality", this type of floor has gradually been replaced by PVC coating. More resistant, pleasant underfoot, PVC floors withstand temperature variations very well and it is very easy to quickly dry splashes and drops of water because moisture does not permeate absolutely on the surface. For maintenance, opt for a wet micro-fiber broom and possibly soapy water and that's it! No bleach, black soap or other strippers. When choosing the coating, don't skimp on quality, the better the PVC, the better it will last over time. Opt for a very thick floor, available in slabs, planks or rolls. It will both act as an acoustic insulator, have better durability and provide good comfort underfoot.

A PVC floor in a bathroom, we adhere!

PVC floors that mimic tiling!  

Because the materials have evolved a lot and are more resistant, because the offer of patterns and colors allows unique and amazing combinations, because it allows to change them regularly and it delights us, we say yes to PVC floor in a bathroom!