How to light up your balcony to better enjoy it?

How to light up your balcony to better enjoy it?

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Well laid out, the balcony can become a real additional room, where you want to spend time as soon as the weather permits. But if they are not properly lit, these few square meters are too often deserted after dark. All our advice for successfully lighting your balcony with 5 very simple accessories… and enjoying it until the end of the night!

A light garland to light the balcony and create a party atmosphere

To successfully create a soft and subdued atmosphere without breaking the bank, the light garland is the ideal solution. Design and graphic, it recharges with solar energy or plugs into a simple socket, structures the space and gives a little festive air to your balcony. In white cotton balls, it fits into all styles and adorns a wall section day and night. In a colorful version, it seduces lovers of taverns and makes you want to stay on the balcony until the end of the night. But nothing prevents you from putting several garlands to multiply the light effects!

The light garland, the accessory that transforms the balcony

Lanterns and candle holders for a warm balcony

In winter as in summer, candle lighting remains by far the most magical. For an absolutely magical atmosphere, the trick is to play with lanterns and tealight holders of different sizes arranged at the four corners of the balcony, without being afraid of putting too much! Certainly, it will take you longer to illuminate it than by pressing a simple switch, but this lighting time also participates in a soothing ritual, which makes it possible to make the transition between day and night. And admiring a candlelit balcony, we say that the game is well worth the effort!

The glow of the flames soothes and relaxes…

Solar lighting for an ecological balcony

Smart, the new solar lights illuminate the balcony while respecting the planet. No need for an external socket or extension slide under the door, they charge during the day and light up almost until the end of the night. In the garden lighting department, you will find beacons and lanterns to plant in the ground that will go very well in your planter. Otherwise know that there are solar lamps "special balcony" which are placed directly on the railing. Practical and ecological!

Leroy Merlin's Balko solar lamp clings to the railing and runs on solar energy

A nomadic garden light for a contemporary balcony

Still in the garden lighting department, many outdoor lights find their place perfectly on the terraces, provided you choose a model that is not too bulky! Some are as beautiful as designer lamps, and they will immediately bring a 100% decorative touch to your outdoor room. We love the "nomadic" LED models, which are recharged on a socket during the day and which move as you wish throughout the night. A design beacon in the dark!

On the balcony too, the Balad lamp by Fermob has it all!

A lampshade on the balcony like at home

On the terrace as on the balcony, the big trend is to arrange the outdoor space as an interior room. For this, we accumulate textiles such as carpets, cushions and throws, we add decorative accessories ... and we put a lampshade on the ceiling! If you can install a ceiling light, voila. Otherwise do not hesitate to hang it by a wire from the door frame for a beautiful summer evening… "Wow" effect guaranteed!

The balcony lampshade, the new indoor-outdoor trend