5 ways to store your pan lids

5 ways to store your pan lids

It's not always easy to properly store your pan lids when you run out of space and have a bunch of them in your kitchen. So, before the clutter sets in and the drawers get too crowded, discover five solutions to efficiently, optimally and functionally store all of your covers. Demonstration in pictures!

When the drip tray transforms into an ultra-practical cover rack

Tired of stacking your lids on top of each other and annoyed to see them constantly slipping between your hands and falling? Here is a space-saving storage solution that you may like: the cover rack version. Arranged on your work surface, stored in a shelf or a cupboard, this tip allows you to compartmentalize the lids of your saucepans according to their size and shape. Bonus? Depending on the model chosen, you can easily store saucepans, pots or casseroles, allowing you to keep them nearby and find them in the blink of an eye. A practical and clever storage solution. It would be a shame to deprive yourself !

Compartmentalize your closets to simplify your life

Having cupboards in your kitchen is good, but having tidy cupboards is even better. To help you with this task, here is a smart storage idea that should appeal to little DIY enthusiasts. How to store your pan lids? Simply by using chopsticks, cleats or pieces of wooden curtain rod. A very simple trick which takes only a few minutes to carry out for a minimum bulk. Otherwise, you can always prefer compartmentalized drawers that will allow you to accommodate both your pots and your lids.

A plastic or metal bar for heavy covers

For heavier covers, the trick is to recover a plastic or metal bar sold commercially. Once attached to the interior door of your closet, all you have to do is arrange one by one all your covers. A solid and ideal storage easy to access for cooking and which has the advantage of allowing you to keep them nearby.

A magazine rack for light covers

Conversely for lighter covers, aluminum or stainless steel, opt for a magazine holder version cover holders. Attached to a wall or inside a drawer, it will adapt to all shapes and sizes of your light covers.

Adhesive hooks to hold your covers

Special mention for this most original idea made from adhesive hooks. You don't have enough space in your cupboards to store all your covers, that's good! Ideal for small and large closets, the adhesive hooks, glued to a closet door will support your lids, thus decluttering the storage area. Mini budget, maximum effect!