Replace a front door

Replace a front door

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A wise project

A massive granite lintel is a classic feature of traditional Breton architecture. This house, relatively recent and built in concrete block, presented a tall and narrow entrance door, quite nondescript. To give it a "Breton" character, we put a glass door with panels, much more picturesque (bought "on measure") and we overcome it with a false lintel made of granite in plate.

Ingenious ideas

Small interventions on the facade can greatly modify the character of a house. You can, for example, create window frames or a base using cladding panels, change the shutters or metal shutters for wooden models, install wrought iron window grilles, place a fanlight at the - above the door leaf, glue a frieze in molded blocks of terracotta ...

Entrance doors

• The dimensions of the current entrance doors are 2150 x 900 (or 950) mm. On old housing, the height and the width are much more variable - between 2000 and 2250 mm for the height, and from 600 to 1200 mm for the width. In restoration work, there is obviously no obligation to adopt current measures - however, doors that are too low can be avoided, which can prove dangerous.
The door blocks that you buy ready to install (with the frame) are relatively expensive. They generally have uprights and crosspieces in solid wood 35 to 45 mm thick and sealing angles. There are models with an insulating core, which should be preferred in regions with a cold climate. Glass doors are often fitted with reinforced glass and double glazing. When ordering, you must specify the direction of opening: by pushing to the right, or by pushing to the left. You can also have a door fitted, to the dimensions of the opening.

Tools and materials

• Angle grinder
Mason's chisel
Spirit level
Microporous paint

Paint for exterior woodwork

This type of satin finish paint is one of the most resistant and durable coatings for wood exposed to the weather: fungicide and water repellent, it does not blister and lets the wood breathe, regulating humidity (use white spirit for cleaning tools). Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005