Country chic style in 6 lessons

Country chic style in 6 lessons

Inspired by yesterday and today's trend, the country chic style combines authenticity and elegance. In the city as in the fields, the charm of the countryside operates and dust the image that one can have of rustic interiors ... The proof with these 6 lessons of the drafting to adopt the chic country style style at home. All you have to do is put on your pretty rain boots!

1 / Raw materials, queens of country chic style

Raw materials are the best allies of chic country decor. You have the chance to live in an old apartment or a Villa ? Let the old woodwork, the stone walls, the floor tiles, the exposed beams, the cement tiles, the solid parquet, the frames and other aged woods speak… They have so many stories to tell! Advantage, and not the least, their possible faults give flavor to their words and distill the passage the charm of places that have a soul. Comforting!

Stones on the ground, raw wooden shelves, terracotta pot ... The campaign is there!

2 / Wake up the soul of your furniture for a chic country decor

Exit the melamine furniture. In the country chic interior, we give the floor to solid wood furniture , from China, flea markets and family attics. If you do not have the soul of Louis la Brocante, you can always fall back on the whitened and patinated furniture visible in the big decoration signs. An old console, a large table in aged wood or the neo-classical chest of aunt Odile: everything is good as long as your furniture has lived (or looks like it!). But beware, if the imprint of time is essential, it should not load the atmosphere. This is the difference between country style and country chic style!

The light wooden or bleached tables, with a few ornaments, are all good!

3 / bet on soft colors for your chic country decor

Soft colors are part of a successful chic campaign decor. Ecru white, beige, pastel and taupe sing a sweet song that spreads through walls, textiles and furniture. Sometimes it only takes a stroke of paint on mismatched vintage chairs to create a subtle balance between raw materials and painted furniture. Water green and / or off-white give softness and elegance to the dining room. You can also sand an old dresser and then skate it (without licking the work too much) to orient the decor, the air of nothing, towards more freshness and lightness. Chic then prevails over rustic!

The touches of green, from water green to deep green, contribute to the chic country decor.

4 / Adopt chic country accessories

The country chic style gives voice to unique pieces from salvage and accessories that have a soul. Wicker baskets, earthenware, retro clocks, chandeliers and classic frames are the subject of beautiful staging. We love the jars, zinc objects and other jars of homemade jam arranged on the kitchen buffet. They bring us back irretrievably to the land of childhood… Fireplaces and diverted headboards bring a chic country spirit to the living room and bedroom. To play the game thoroughly, you can also adopt a large whitewashed wooden mirror or glass canisters to dress up the buffet in the dining room.

Bleached headboard, small wooden horse, large copper candlestick, salvaged objects are popular.

5 / Opt for natural textiles

Hunt the natural, it gallops back… on the curtains in a chic country decor. As with the colors of furniture, the color code for textiles is clear and natural. Linen, cotton and soft, light colors like beige, ecru, lavender blue, pastel green or powder pink set the tone. You can also adopt patterns with small touches on the curtains, the bedspread, the table linen or the cushions. If the floral, bucolic and striped patterns perfectly translate the country chic style, they know how to be discreet and light.

Plaids and cushions in natural tones plead for the country chic style!

6 / Place wild flowers everywhere

Before entering the house in the chic country decor, we do not forget to pick some fresh and wild flowers or to go to the florist around the corner. And for good reason, wild flowers are the ultimate touch to perfect a decor in the country chic style. Nothing like a bouquet of violets, daisies, hydrangeas or roses to blow a country wind in the decor. Field flowers are sown in small touches in the living room, bedroom and even on the linen where they flourish with delicacy. Finally, we reserve them original containers:Wicker basket , bucket or suspension in macramé. Finally, we do not forget to dry some flowers that smell of Provence. So you will have the impression of waking up in a country house, in the heart of the holidays: the dream!

The freshly picked flowers will bring the final touch to the chic country decor.