Test bench: the best of flower deliveries

Test bench: the best of flower deliveries

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We will never tire of flowers and that is good news. The other good news is that flower delivery is gradually taking on a new face with luxury services. From now on, you can flower your apartment without moving from your sofa thanks to artisans florists who deliver bouquets on monthly subscription, or in less than 2 hours for the biggest occasions.

Bergamot: flower delivery 2.0

This new kid, who is barely 2 years old on the Web, has still not found a competitor for his size. Bergamotte launched the new wave of flower delivery. The concept ? Express delivery of beautiful bouquets, fresh, seasonal flowers, most often grown in France and promised in less than 2 hours in Paris and the next day before 1 pm everywhere in France. Royal. Bouquets from € 29.99.

Flowers delivered quickly to refine the decor before receiving!

Bloom's: the box for DIY addicts

Once subscribed, Bloom's delivers a box full of flowers to your home every month so that you can compose your own bouquet. The advantage is that each month and over the seasons, a variety of flowers is in the spotlight: you therefore never receive the same thing. The plus: the gazette full of good advice. The only problem is that you will have to be patient while waiting for your monthly delivery. But the bouquet is worth it! Two possible formulas: one at 25 € / month for 15 to 20 stems and one at 35 € / month for 25 to 30 stems.

Each month, your decor will be renewed thanks to the Bloom's box.

Flowerness: the flowery subscription

In the series of floral subscriptions, Flowerness designs bouquets in tune with the times, bucolic or more chic, depending on the season. This new duo of florists delivers to you monthly, every two weeks or punctually according to your desires of the moment. Plus: delivery is included in the price of the bouquet. No false joy therefore, just beautiful floral arrangements! Subscription from € 44 / month and single bouquet from € 31.

Flowerness offers country bouquets delivered to your home, with or without subscription.

Paris Pousse: succulents and cacti at home

It's not just florists who deliver to their homes: landscapers do it too. Paris Pousse delivers, in Paris and the surrounding area, succulents, cacti and depolluting plants, indoor and outdoor, with or without their pot. Enough to rearrange your balcony or your interior with plants that are current and easy to maintain. The plus: during delivery, Paris Pousse does not balk at the stairs and advises you on the location and watering of your new acquisition. Convenient !

Cacti delivered to your home? No more excuses for not spicing up your decor!