The essentials of an oriental bathroom

The essentials of an oriental bathroom

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Whether you are looking for an oriental palace atmosphere worthy of the Thousand and One Nights, or for an atmosphere close to that of Moroccan hammams, this article is for you. Neither one nor two, we listed the essentials of a bathroom with oriental decoration. Between the materials to choose, the possible color charts, and the essential accessories… Everything is there to make you travel to the Orient from your bathtub.

What materials should you choose for an oriental bathroom?

For an oriental bathroom , both intimate and bright, some judicious choices of materials are essential. Prefer them natural materials for a hammam atmosphere. Priority is therefore given to stone and wood for furniture and to the lime which coats the walls of many oriental bathrooms. With lime, the walls take on relief and remind us of the magical atmosphere of the most beautiful oriental tales. If lime is not always unanimous, the wall mosaic, made of colored and enameled zelliges, will convince more than one. It is impossible to turn a blind eye to the number one asset of oriental-style bathrooms! Also, do not neglect the floor which, ideally, will be covered with terracotta tiles with geometric shapes. The Graal ? Copper taps with an oversized shower head. Guaranteed effect!

Natural stone and mosaic are the magic combo for a hammam bathroom.

The importance of colors in an oriental bathroom

What would an oriental bathroom be without colors? Don't think about it. Here are two colorful options to warm the atmosphere in the water room: -First bias : Marrakech red, sun yellow, vibrant orange and warm brown. A palette of warm and oriental colors to combine with accessories with copper and gold accents. -Second bias : deep green, water green, Majorelle blue and night blue. This time, the color palette is cold and very elegant, and goes perfectly with silver, smooth or hammered accessories. A nice way to make the bathroom even more intimate.

Here, Mobalpa offers a modern version of the oriental bathroom.

Essential oriental accessories

Once the materials and colors of your bathroom have been chosen, bring the final touch to your oriental decoration with typical accessories. Get fringe foutas and honeycomb hammam towels for your bathing outings (sold in most decoration stores). A pretty and comfortable pair of slippers will also be welcome. Not far from the shower or the bathtub, have Aleppo soap, argan oil and candles. The atmosphere is starting to take shape! Tweak the oriental decoration of your bathroom by installing traditional ornaments like the moucharabieh (on the wall or as a screen), hand-chiseled lanterns, or even old pottery. One thing is certain, you will spend hours in your bathroom.

Candles and a moucharabieh and there you are with a ticket without return for Morocco!