Tutorial: a luminous star in branches

Tutorial: a luminous star in branches

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Creating your own Christmas decorations is a great satisfaction. Not only do you stand out from the standard products found on the market, but you can make custom decorations adapted to your interior and your tastes. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, park or forest nearby where to collect branches, take advantage! The plant decorations are perfect for creating a natural Christmas atmosphere. It's eco-friendly, and in case of lack of space, you can dismantle everything once the holidays are over. Another advantage, you can involve children, depending on their age, in picking up branches, cutting work or shaping this bright star.


- straight branches of at least 85 cm, diameter from 1 to 1.5 cm - pruning shears - sheathed / plasticized gardener's wire - a 4.5-meter light garland (if you want to hang your star outdoors, consider using an electric garland designed for outdoors) - a wood saw

Budget: 15 euros Duration: 1 hour


1. Cut the branches to the desired size (here 80 cm) with the saw. Using the pruning shears, eliminate branches leaving and other irregularities in the wood that could injure you.

2. Set up the branches to form the star. Attention, the 5 branches must form regular triangles, and as much as possible of the same size.

3. Then fix each branch on the one it overlaps with the sheathed wire, close by twisting the wire on the back. Once your structure is well balanced and securely fixed, cut the overhanging wire to make it as invisible as possible.

4. Place the light garland on the structure by winding it progressively around the branches and tightening moderately. Start with what will be the bottom of the star, where the electrical wire will run to the socket. The assembly must be tight enough to stay in place, but not tightened so as not to risk damaging the electric cable. If necessary, secure the garland to the star in a few places with the wire.


And now, your bright star is ready to be hung! It will have a great effect in addition to the tree or to replace it in a small space, near the window or on the fireplace! Do not hesitate to make several different sizes (by adapting both the size of the garland and the branches) to create a larger light composition.

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