Organize your move in 6 steps

Organize your move in 6 steps

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For your move, you will need arms. Two months before D-Day, it's time to determine if you want to call on your loved ones or if you entrust the move to professionals. If so, now is the time to get quotes done and choose your provider.

1-Professional movers for a peaceful move

Have you decided to hire professionals? It is then necessary to request several quotes and compare the offers. The different companies will then come to your home to take stock. The moving consultant will estimate the volume of furniture and boxes.

The choice of the service You will then have to make a choice according to the options offered: - The movers are only responsible for the transport of furniture and boxes. It is up to you to properly prepare all of your goods and take care of the boxes. - The movers take care of the transport and the protection of fragile objects. These are then listed. It can be dishes, bottles of wine or musical instruments. - The movers take care of everything. You leave the house in good condition, the movers take care of packing and taking all your belongings to your new accommodation!The terms Once you have signed a quote and therefore you have chosen your service provider, you will have to pay part of the costs, generally half. The balance will be paid once your furniture is delivered to its destination. Good to know: Read the contract between you and the moving company! Make sure you are insured in the event of the unexpected and check the amount of the deductible, if there is one, in the event of breakage. These elements are decisive when choosing the service provider.

2-You move alone

For budgetary reasons or because the distance between your old and your new accommodation is not important, you have chosen to move on your own. Even if you don't hire professionals, you should organize yourself with your amateur movers.

Renting a vehicle To transport all your furniture and boxes, it is preferable to rent a suitable vehicle. Of course, you can get information from a traditional service provider. But be aware that moving companies also offer vehicle rental! In this case, you will take advantage of a blanket to protect your furniture or even a hand truck to facilitate the transport of heavy objects. Rent a vehicle large enough to limit journeys and above all make sure you are well insured. Sometimes it is your bank card that provides guarantees, even if you have chosen to open an account online. In addition it is free! It offers you all the services you need such as contactless payment, withdrawals in the euro zone at no additional cost or even secure online payments. Credit cards are also accompanied by insurance and assistance services useful on a daily basis but also during your move!Calling on your loved ones If you want your friends or family to help you on D-Day, it's time to set the date of the move and communicate it. Thus the people concerned will be able to block this day and thus make themselves available for you! The move is now well organized, you have taken another step. It's time to pack up! Find our series of articles on moving here: Step 1: Create a schedule (D-3 months) Step 3: Pack your boxes (D-2 months) Step 4: Manage transport ( D-1 month) Step 5: Take care of the administrative (D-1 month) Step 6: Move calmly (D-Day)