Blou: a concept store with flair

Blou: a concept store with flair

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Founded in 2010, Blou offers the most prominent design brands of the moment. This concept store in the 17th arrondissement of Paris looks like an apartment where you want to linger to find the rare pearl or admire the collections, just for the pleasure of your eyes!

Instinct and passion

Julien Sancon, the manager, was a doctoral student in chemistry in London when he fell in love with concept stores in the British capital. "I immersed myself in the London creative universe", underlines Julien Sancon. On returning to France, he worked in his field, but continued to think of the innovative shops in London. He decides to take design classes at the Boulle school and open his own concept store. To select objects and furniture, this design and decoration enthusiast follows above all his intuition and his own tastes. A method that works since Blou now has three stores.

Three shops, three universes

What we like when we arrive in Blou stores is that we feel at home. "Each store is designed like an apartment. I wanted something friendly, colorful and modern," says Julien Sancon. "I was inspired by Japanese architecture because I like the aesthetics and the innovative side of Japan". Successful bet ! Each boutique has its own atmosphere, style and brands. We find however this same contrast between a light wood inside and a dark burnt wood outside. The three addresses are located in the same district, that of Batignolles. "Customers can thus move from one store to another to see the different products without crossing all of Paris".

Unearthing new brands

When he created his concept store, Julien Sancon had only one idea in mind: to stand out! He then decides to sell brands that are not widely distributed and avoids being influenced by trends. For him, each object or piece of furniture must be beautiful and functional. We find creators and brands like Hay, Atelier Areti, Tolix or Muuto. The collections and the scenography of each shop are renewed regularly to offer a unique experience each time their customers visit.

The little extra Blou? A caring team who will not hesitate to advise you. Contact : Blou Paris, 75 & 97 rue Legendre, 20 rue des Dames, 75017 Paris Hours: 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Phone: 01 46 27 50 84 Email: [email protected] Site: www.blou-paris.fr Instagram: www.instagram.com/blou_paris