4 alternatives to dressing rooms for storing clothes

4 alternatives to dressing rooms for storing clothes

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You love clothes and fashion, but you don't have the chance or the place to have a dressing room? The clothes pile up in your room which unfortunately does not include any closet? Do not panic, déco.fr shares with you 4 ideas to help you store your clothes properly. Carrying, trunk, chest of drawers… the tidy room is yours!

No dressing room? Opt for the clothes rack!

Contrary to popular belief, clothes racks are not just for your favorite fashion brands or the attic. On the contrary, they can bring a real decorative touch to a room because they reveal a little of your personality. Colors, patterns, play on materials: the clothes rack is an ultra creative storage option!

The clothes rack, the ideal option for fashionistas looking for a wardrobe!

The dresser for storing clothes

Rather than swearing by the dressing room, closet or wardrobe, give the compact version of the clothes storage a chance: the dresser! Lower, it will not cut the height of your wall and will let light pass through the room. Tidy in the drawers, your clothes will be protected from dust and as space is limited, you will be forced to sort. Marie Kondo will congratulate you: for her, the drawers are always tidier than the wardrobes!

The dresser for clothes storage, an idea inspired by the KonMari method!

The clothes trunk

Practical and design, the clothes trunk is the type of storage to always have at home! In the bedroom, you can use it to store your winter clothes if summer is in full swing, or to store your accessories if you collect scarves and hats. Arranged at the end of your bed and decorated with cushions, the storage trunk can even be used as an extra seat!

Aesthetic and practical, the rattan trunk is perfect for storing your clothes!

Storage under bed

Why would the idea of ​​storing (and not hiding) things under the bed be reserved for toddlers? Storage under bed remains ideal when there is a lack of space in a bedroom. For more convenience, you can even invest from the start in a bed that incorporates storage drawers. Otherwise, the large storage boxes, preferably on wheels for convenience, will be perfect for storing all your clothes lying around or storing those from other seasons.

Forget the dressing room and look under your bed instead! A handy place to store your clothes without cluttering your room.