Before / after: enlarging and modernizing a kitchen

Before / after: enlarging and modernizing a kitchen

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Marion Alberge, a specialist in interior design and decorative design based in Paris, was invited to renovate a 75 m2 Parisian apartment, typically Haussmannian, located in the 10th arrondissement. In good condition, it nevertheless required a major rearrangement of parts and a refurbishment. The kitchen, small and dark, is particularly targeted by these renovations. The objective was therefore to enlarge the kitchen, and to renovate it in a modern style ... While preserving the soul of the place. Marion, who loves to decorate and stage objects, has successfully embarked on this beautiful project. Area: 5.5 m2. Budget: an envelope of € 20,000 for renovation, furniture and decoration. Agency: Marion Alberge.

Before, a small and old-fashioned kitchen

As the apartment was being renovated, the owners also wanted to renovate this little kitchen . Not only did they not find it spacious enough, they were also not seduced by its slightly “old-fashioned” style. Dark wooden furniture, two-tone orange and white tiles, a very classic white splashback… The idea therefore germinated to consult interior decorator Marion Alberge, to modernize the kitchen, choose the materials and take care of the site. Without particular constraints, the architect was given carte blanche. Customers only want to bring the piece up to date!

BEFORE: a small kitchen, in dark wood and a bit dated style.

The objective: an enlarged and clear kitchen

As the kitchen was a bit small and the adjoining bathroom was rather spacious, the architect chose to enlarge the kitchen at the expense of the other room. The kitchen has gained in surface area: it has gone from 5.5 m2 to 9.80 m2. This allows a smoother and more pleasant circulation but also to have more space for storage and ... cooking! There was no question of an open kitchen, but it was necessary to bring more light into the kitchen. The window near the sink was therefore enlarged to gain brightness. The white hanging furniture also contributes to this since they reflect daylight. Placed high enough, they also give another dimension to the room, with an impression of higher ceiling height.

From the brightness entering through this new window to the white furniture… everything has been thought of to brighten up this pretty kitchen and make it a more pleasant living room.

A trendy and functional kitchen

In terms of decoration, no element of the original kitchen has been preserved. The interior decorator offered customers a selection of materials, colors and furniture and they indicated their preferences. A real team effort! On the ground, the old orange tiles were replaced by the trendy cement tiles from Ateliers de Paco and the owners opted for the kitchen designer Rubioni for the furniture. The worktop was made of black granite, a very solid and easy-to-maintain material, which contrasts with the pure white very present in the room. Two colors have been added by buttons. First, red, found in the pendant light, the clock and on the coffee maker; and dark turquoise blue for mosaic tiling. Finally to keep the nineteenth century spirit of the place, an old-fashioned frame and canvas were hung on a kitchen wall. The result, a superb custom-made and functional kitchen.

With beautiful cement tiles and a few touches of red, the new kitchen is bright and very trendy! Successful bet.


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