The night light, your child's best friend for the night

The night light, your child's best friend for the night

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Ideal for reassuring children who are afraid of the dark, or for short night trips around the house, the night light is a sure bet in the nursery. It has even been transformed into adorable decorative object, to accompany the first steps of your little one in beauty. In a nomadic, mini or XL version, here is a small selection of adorable night lights that you will want to prick your children!

Create a reassuring atmosphere for your child with the night lights

Whether for baby or for a larger one, the night light is the ideal lamp to create a soft and warm atmosphere which reassures your child, and helps him to tame black, little by little. It is an additional light source, to be placed on the bedside table, at the entrance to the bedroom or to be hung directly on an outlet. Low intensity, it does not prevent the child's sleep but accompanies it! Often very playful or poetic (animals, clouds, mushrooms ...), the night light is also a nice decorative element in your mini's bedroom. There are also nightlights: * musical: with lullabies, to fall asleep gently; * carousels: which project light patterns on the walls at night; * equipped with a programmer: to switch off automatically according to your choice (10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes).

The night light, a perfect light to accompany your child's sleep!

XS or XL night light: size doesn't matter!

Whether in mini or maxi version, the new night lights are crisp and take over your child's room for your enjoyment. For toddlers, night lights XS are perfect because they diffuse a soft and delicate light. Great idea for a birth gift, the night light also allows parents to check that everything is fine at night. As to giant night lights , they are particularly suitable for older children. Practical, they also make the charm of children's rooms with their original shapes: giant rabbit, big cloud, ice cream cone or even pretty apple… As a bonus: a giant puff of sweetness and tenderness! Do not hesitate to use a bedside lamp or a halogen lamp with dimmer in addition to your night light in order to obtain suitable lighting for your child.

Practical, giant night lights awaken the decor of the child's room

A portable night light to light up your child's movements

If the most classic night light hangs on to your catch, it is now also available in a nomad version. Mobile, it allows your child to move around the house alone at night, without the risk of falling, safely. You can certainly hang lights along the route in the corridor to the toilet (for example!), But these news mobile night lights are very practical and accompany the child everywhere. Easy to hold in hand, with or without a handle, they bring a real bonus at night.

A lantern night light to secure short journeys at night!

When the night light is hidden in the decor!

Small decorative object, a light source can also be integrated into a piece of furniture, and act as a night light: light garlands or led strips to frame a shelf, a headboard ... You can easily find in DIY stores LED kits (safe and economical) to create all kinds of shapes and make a custom night light! Also a great classic, phosphorescent stickers who feed on daylight and gently re-emit it at night: a pretty starry sky, little sheep running on the wall… Choose them according to the child's age and the theme of your interior decoration , if you have one! The idea, you will understand, is to install your child in a secure environment, lit gently!

The sticker: a painless extra night light on the electricity bill side