How to choose a carpet for the nursery?

How to choose a carpet for the nursery?

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Several carpets at low prices or a quality carpet at a higher price?

Before choosing a rug for the nursery, it may be useful to ask yourself the question of the lifespan of the rug, its use and your budget. Do you prefer to buy a cheap carpet by changing it every two years or do you want to invest in a nice quality piece that you will keep for several years?

A carpet can cost from ten to a hundred euros, the price depends on the material, size and type of weaving.

If you plan to change the decoration of your child's bedroom according to his age, then it will be better to invest in models at low prices. Whether sheepskin, printed round carpet or car mat, you will be spoiled for choice on the shelves of decorative stores.

A quality carpet can be kept for many years, provided that it is maintained regularly. In these cases, be sure to choose a fairly classic model in wool or thick cotton. To keep it in your child's room despite any changes in decor, invest in a rug with a solid and timeless color, such as white, blue or gray.

The thickness of the carpet can also be used as sound insulation if you have neighbors below your home.

How to choose a carpet for the children's room: the choice of material

Natural fiber carpet made of synthetic fibers? What material should we favor for a carpet that we want to put in the children's room? This will of course depend on your tastes, your budget but also on the age of your child and his allergies / asthma if he has any. Without forgetting the density, resistance and ease of maintenance of the carpet.

Synthetic fiber rugs (acrylic, polypropylene and polyester) are cheaper than natural fiber rugs and more resistant to stains.

Wool carpets are very soft but can be a real dust nest and are difficult to clean. Some rugs benefit from the "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" label and the "Textile confidence" label guaranteeing the humano-ecological qualities of textiles. If your child tends to have allergies or suffers from asthma, it is best not to put carpets in their bedroom. Even if opinions differ on the question ...

Indeed a carpet will allow to trap dust because on a parquet it is very volatile. The carpet will therefore prevent dust from flying, allow sound and thermal insulation. For allergic children, do not choose shaggy style long pile rug . For the material, it is better to choose a washable cotton carpet, a polyester or polypropylene carpet, anti-mite.

For carpet maintenance, it is best to vacuum at least 2 times a week and more if you have pets. Vacuums with HEPA filter do not release dust mites into the air. And don't forget to ventilate your child's room every day.

How to choose a carpet for the children's room: the choice of style

The carpet will match the decor of the child's room: if the girl's room is decorated around the princess theme or the boy's room is decorated around the safari, you will choose according to the theme and colors from the room.

Whether for a baby room or a children's room, for a boy or for a girl, you can play the card of the 100% childish carpet, with a printed circuit of cars, hopscotch, flowers, princess or animals,…

The risk is that you get bored quickly and obviously, it will be necessary to change the carpet when your child is older. Isn't it better then to favor a neutral carpet, which will have a longer lifespan and which you could even reuse in your living room, the office or another room, if you wanted to? Berber style, geometric print, Aztec, all major decoration brands offer a wide choice of printed or neutral rugs, in different sizes.

How to choose a carpet for the children's room: the choice of size

The size of the room and the location of the carpet will determine its size.

Depending on the size of your child's room, the arrangement of furniture, the decor and the use, you can opt for a lowering bed: the format is generally 60 * 110 cm or an average size of 120 * 160 cm.

A large rug will be more suitable for a large playroom, because in a child's room of 10 square meters on average, it will clutter the room and will not be really highlighted.

To enlarge a small room, bet on a carpet of light colors. The lowering of the bed, the small round rug or of a particular shape will be more decorative than functional while the medium format rug will allow your child to have a fairly large play space. It will muffle the sounds of falling cubes, cars rolling and your neighbors will only be grateful. Trust me I know what I'm talking about! This allows your child when he plays, in addition to sound insulation and comfort, not to be cold, especially if you have tiled floors.

To prevent your child from catching his feet in the carpet or slipping on it, it is best to fix it on the floor using a non-slip system. It will also allow you to easily vacuum without moving the carpet.


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