Before / after: opening of living rooms in a vineyard house

Before / after: opening of living rooms in a vineyard house

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It is not easy to organize the layout of an interior when it includes several levels, different openings and a unique distribution of rooms. A challenge, however, common in old houses and which the architecture label Notes de Styles has brilliantly taken up for a total budget of 50,000 euros. On the program: opening partitions, preserved authenticity and a retro touch. Area: 150m². Agency: Style Notes. Budget: 50,000 euros.

Before the renovation: poor distribution of space

Former winegrower's house of 150m², this space with beautiful volumes has a certain development potential. However, the distribution of space before work is not optimal. Habitable certainly but "in its own juice", the building has several levels of ground on the ground floor, as well as a distribution of the rooms little adapted to a life of modern couple. This results in poor circulation between spaces and a lack of light. The first challenge for the team of architects as part of this interior renovation: to unify the whole and redefine the different areas of the house, all with a budget of around 50,000 euros and a duration of work set at three months.

Before the new distribution of volumes, the spaces on the ground floor were partitioned.

Open to better redefine spaces

When you want to redistribute interior spaces, removing partitions is a solution that is both radical and very effective. Here the ground floor has been fully opened - until the old barn enters the heart of the house, in order to obtain a unique living room. The architects also eliminated certain areas of the ceiling in order to increase the perspectives and increase the brightness of the premises. We thus gain a considerable height under ceiling, for a true "wow" effect. On the ground side, it was imperative to unify the whole. The kitchen and the office area remain the only exceptions - a clever compromise that allows these unique spaces of the house to be defined without partitioning. With this new layout, the circulation between the different spaces is much more fluid!

The kitchen takes height to be at the heart of the house.

Renovating with a common thread: the floor covering

To create a real cohesion between the living room, the dining area and the office, the Notes de Styles team has bet on a unique brushed oak flooring covering the entire surface of the ground floor. A bias that echoes the now visible beams that overlook the living room. In the kitchen, an imitation cement tile floor has been laid - a touch that distinguishes it elegantly. As part of this renovation, making wood the common thread of the house contributes to making it even warmer.

The unique flooring throughout the living room creates true harmony.

Harmonize living spaces

Make way for interior decoration, which adds to this renovation the last touch it needs! In order to favor the luminosity, the white naturally takes a dominant place, on the walls, one of the cushions ... The color interferes here and there to make several living spaces resonate between them. For this couple of young parents, mustard yellow is in the spotlight in order to highlight a retro spirit on the walls as well as in the furniture. Present in small touches, on sofas for example, it sublimates certain elements of the house with subtlety and offers character and warmth to the decoration. A timeless shade that makes the link between modern design and old structure - enough to combine brilliantly the charm of the old and the minimalist style.

The play of colors makes it possible to link spaces with subtlety.