5 DIY ideas with hay bales

5 DIY ideas with hay bales

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For a wedding, a garden party or simply to stage your garden for a summer, straw is all good. With a little imagination and beautiful fabrics, a few bales of hay quickly transform into custom outdoor furniture. It only remains to realize your craziest outdoor decorating desires! The proof with these 5 ideas that will not leave you on the straw…

An outdoor garden furniture… made of straw

Before you can invest in the garden furniture of your dreams, why not start by creating one with a few bales of hay? Just stack the boots like Lego bricks and cover them with soft sheets and cushions. To prevent your lounge area from taking on water at the first shower, consider protecting it from the rain by installing it, for example, in a barn or under a garden canopy.

A country sofa that invites you to relax

A table in haystacks

Do you want to party but lack the furniture to receive as many people as you would like? Use bales of hay to create a buffet or a large country table! A few wooden planks, pretty place mats, a few bouquets of wild flowers in jars and here is a decoration full of charm!

Large table or country buffet?

Country benches without (almost) spending nothing

Now that you have a table, are you missing a few chairs to seat your guests? A few extra bales of hay covered with pretty fabrics turn into benches in less time than it takes to say it. If the fabric is thick enough not to be pierced by straw, these makeshift seats are even very comfortable. We love !

These benches make you want, right?

Straw benches for a ceremony or a show

Do you know the big trend of outdoor country weddings? The benches in haystacks of course! As simple as they are refined, as elegant as they are photogenic, these straw benches are perfect for organizing a ceremony in the open field, but also a concert, a theatrical performance or a poetry evening in the moonlight ...

What if we organized an outdoor show?

A bucolic setting thanks to the straw

Whether for a reception in the countryside or simply to create an original decor at the entrance to the garden or the house, straw bales can also be used as supports to present plants or accessories. An old watering can, a few decorative squashes, slates or even old tools, let your imagination run wild!

A timeless fall decor