10 essential decorative objects that run on solar energy

10 essential decorative objects that run on solar energy

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An eco-friendly and trendy decor at the same time, it would be hard to say no ... as long as there is sun. Lamps, fountains or even barbecues, the new stars of the decoration work wirelessly and without batteries to provide a greener and less expensive energy: the sun recharges them, we benefit at will, in style and without feeling guilty.

1 - Solar lamps

© Nortene They are called table lamps, and we love them for long summer evenings. These solar lights are undoubtedly the most popular, exist at all price levels, design or classic version, high or low end, chiselled tealight style or festive lantern style. The most popular? Perforated lamps that draw light patterns, without polluting or consuming!

2 - Solar clocks

A ticking that costs nothing is as easy as a clock. Yes, solar clocks exist, more or less decorative, sometimes coupled with an alarm clock. The downside? Unless they are intended for a veranda or outside, beware of sunshine: if the clock lacks direct light, it will end up going to sleep, and too bad for the time.

3 - The solar garlands

© Laurie Lumière The best friends of lanterns for tavern evenings at home? The solar garlands! They recharge during the day and light up in the evening, are easily found at low cost for the simplest. We wrap them around poles, tree trunks or balconies, put them on tables or shrubs, hang them on gutters ... wow effect guaranteed, and no need to walk the garden to turn everything on at dusk of the night.

4 - The solar fountains

Another outdoor decorative object that is a hit during the summer! Solar fountains are economical, but above all avoid trenches in the garden: no need to bring electricity or draw wires, they are recharged directly with solar energy. On the style side, there is everything, from the classic stone to be placed in the grass to the designer floating fountains to be placed on a basin or swimming pool.

5 - Solar beacons

If you chose to light the garden or the paths, you probably chose solar beacons. These small lamps are perched on stakes to be planted in the ground for the simplest, in concrete for the most durable. Some are powerful enough to be real outdoor lamps, others are content with a decorative effect by illuminating a butterfly, a flower or other plastic figurine. In both cases, they create a fairyland of light along the borders or paths at dusk ... and avoid falls in the flowerbeds.

6 - Solar lanterns

© Maison à part Halfway between the lamp and the garland, the solar lanterns are hanging lamps. And like the garlands, are among the essential decorative objects of the tavern style at the water's edge! We hang them without fear of accumulation, the more there are, the more beautiful the party.

7 - Solar barbecues

© Nature & Découvertes Not always decorative but greener than the classic, the solar barbecue completes the green panoply of the summer garden… or of the gourmet camper! We find some to fold in their backpack with their accessories, a good idea to go camping. FYI, there are also solar ovens…

8 - Solar sconces

As you can see, all outdoor lamps convert to solar. Same story, therefore, for outdoor wall lights, those that illuminate the terrace or the front door to find the lock without fumbling! In the same family, solar street lights can be very useful.

9 - Solar bulbs

And why not, after all ? Rather than pulling electrical wires or hiding extension cords, solar bulbs are individual, cordless and fully self-contained. We hang them on a fence or a balcony, we let nature do it and we light up for free, without polluting.

10 - Dancing solar objects

Search, you will find: these small purely decorative objects look like flower pots or comic strip characters, hide a solar battery and come to life when the button is pressed. There are those who sing, those who dance and those who turn, each one his thing!