5 timeless decorative styles to adopt without hesitation

5 timeless decorative styles to adopt without hesitation

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Are you moving in or want to change the decor of your house or apartment? Are you looking to appropriate a new style? Take a look at the 5 timeless styles to adopt without hesitation that we have selected for you!

Art Deco style

Present in our interiors since the 1920s, the Art Deco style is a must. To decorate your home, choose a wallpaper with geometric patterns and assumed colors. Whether you prefer bright, soft or rather dark colors, anything is possible: it is a matter of taste and choice. For the effect to be most successful, tap only one wall of the room. You will also need to choose specific decorative elements. The furniture must be designed in noble materials such as marble or gilding and velvet sofas and armchairs. You can also add glassware and brass decor. Keep in mind that sparkling and bright colors are king in the Art Deco style.

Industrial style

The industrial style has its sources in the industrial revolution and is inspired by old workshops and factories. Today all interiors can opt for this style and no longer just lofts and artist workshops. Chesterfield leather sofas, diverted craft furniture, raw wood tables, metal or glass lighting… the choice is vast. Given the fact that industrial furniture is often imposing, choose it sparingly and integrate it with subtlety into your current decoration. The industrial style is a sure bet if you want to bring cachet and authenticity to a room!

Scandinavian style

Do you dream of a warm and comfortable interior? Then opt for the Scandinavian style! Rather easy to set up, the Scandinavian decor is a classic that has the advantage of being very bright. To start, you need to paint your walls white or in very light tones like pearl gray. The furniture should be chosen for its very light wooden design and for its simple shapes. You can decorate the decor with elements with pastel touches and with green plants. A Scandinavian style decor is not one without throws placed on the sofa, sheepskin and thick carpet. To finalize your decor, install a cardboard deer (or other animal) head on the wall and voila!

Hippie chic style

Berber carpets, antique furniture, green plants, macramés and other exotic objects are an integral part of the hippie chic style. Simple decoration, mismatched, but very aesthetic, it is based on a subtle association of styles and colors. To have a successful hippie chic decoration, you will have to opt for natural and raw materials: wicker, linen or rattan will be of the most beautiful effect.

The minimalist style

With its clean lines and impeccable appearance, the minimalist style is a timeless style that fits perfectly in small spaces. The interior must be open to facilitate movement and storage is installed to be as discreet as possible. The minimalist style leaves no room for trinkets: your interior should be as cluttered as possible. We will rather choose furniture with uniform materials such as smooth wood or natural stone. As for colors, we prefer white tones such as off-white or ivory, enhanced by touches of gray, black or beige.