How to paint my paneling in the entrance?

How to paint my paneling in the entrance?

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Question from Elisabeth


Decorative answer: a white paint to do yourself

To give a white limed appearance to your entry you have 2 solutions. You can buy this finished product in supermarkets for which there are several variations. For this it is necessary that your paneling is raw, that is to say without painting. If your paneling is already painted, you can create a limed appearance yourself with acrylic paint well diluted with water that you apply with a cloth or sponge. You can play on a single shade or on two shades. For two shades, you start to paint entirely in the strongest shade and then, with a very diluted cloth or sponge, you apply the second shade gently and in certain places. This solution is just as interesting in the rendering but sometimes longer. You too, send us your decoration question