Mom's challenge: create an advent calendar with 24 surprises

Mom's challenge: create an advent calendar with 24 surprises

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The editorial staff at Dé launched a challenge for me: creating an advent calendar for my daughter. A handmade calendar and 24 gift ideas to hide inside. I've been wanting to make one for my daughter for a long time, it's an opportunity to get started and find some original ideas that will sparkle her little eyes every day until Christmas. Finding the 24 small gifts was the real challenge! Here's how I responded to the challenge. Global budget : 45 € (this price varies depending on the elements chosen)

A calendar that requires little material

A DIY advent calendar

For the advent calendar, I wanted small separable pockets. Since we will not be at home the last days before Christmas, I need items that are easily transportable. So I opted for the calendar with small paper pockets (to download here). You can also use small envelopes in kraft paper or make small gift packages to hang on a wire.

Do not forget to cut at the corners to facilitate your assembly The assembly is not very complicated, but the repetition of the 24 small pockets to assemble is a bit tedious. But I do not regret because the result is nice and festive. Practical tip: the choice of calendar will determine the size of your small gifts. It is therefore important to choose its format beforehand.

Little cute figures

The quest for small gifts for the calendar

The most difficult and time-consuming task was to find gifts that fit into the small dimensions of my pockets. But it was also the most fun! Trying to find small objects that will make him happy is pretty cool. Several brands have made me happy because they have gifts at low prices: Hema, JouéClub, DPAM ... Combining delicacy and pleasure was essential. I started by choosing small chocolates dressed in their festive clothes and then I went in search of different objects: - Small figurines: small ponies, Disney character, Lego figurine. There are small mystery bags containing figurines for children (€ 2.99 each). With his equestrian collectivity of the moment, I should hit the bull's eye. - Stationery: mini coloring, erasers, too cute stamps, stickers, small notepads. I'm going to separate these different elements to distribute them in several pockets. - A big Playmobil for 12/24, just to make your mouth water before the gifts open and to close this calendar in style. - Jewelry and frills: frills, elastic bands and a small ring. - Balloons, Monsieur Madame. Due to lack of time, I couldn't make other gift ideas, such as a Fimo bar, an iron key ring… Let your imagination and your creativity run wild. Every little attention will please your child.

Paper and pencil to create magic moments to slip into the calendar

Intangible gifts to reconnect with the Christmas tradition

So as not to remain only in the small gifts purchased (certainly with pleasure), I told myself that offering good times with family was also a good way to reconnect with the magic of Christmas. So I prepared little vouchers, made using Christmas labels, cardboard and white felt. Here is the small list of moments to share that I scattered in the calendar: - Good for a stunning hug. - Good for thousands of tickles. - Good for a pancake evening. - Good for a cinema with mom and dad. - Good for a sparkling bubble bath. - Good for making a snowman with dad. - Good for an outing to the ice rink. - Good for one more evening story. These are ideas related to my tribe, but do not let yourself be restrained and add your own. It is also the way to do something with your family that you have been postponing for a long time or very simple activities: do a manual activity, let your child choose the Saturday morning cartoon, take a bike ride ... You can also use labels to offer gifts that do not fit in small pockets. This is the case for Playmobil and coloring, for which I made a surprise label. It's up to you to mix intangible and material gifts as you wish to create your advent calendar and put stars in your children's eyes. Mine is already looking forward to opening each of the small pockets.


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