The right aperitif accessories

The right aperitif accessories

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At the end of a long day at work, nothing like decompressing around a small aperitif. Before inviting friends to your home, we equip ourselves with colorful and playful accessories so that this moment of relaxation is successful. The mood promises to be festive!

Fun and colorful functional accessories

The aperitif is a warm atmosphere, an evening according to gourmet sweet and savory recipes, but also and above all essential accessories such as ice bags, aperitif dishes, equipment for preparing cocktails or glasses. With the arrival of summer synonymous with colors and cheerfulness, it's time to leave the old neutral and basic accessories in the closet to follow the trend. So we choose wine, champagne or cocktail glasses in a multicolored version, a pop-colored design corkscrew, a shaker, acid-flavored aperitif dishes and bottle coolers in summer tones… But it's not all ! Cocktail mixers, atypical spikes in the shape of nails and ice cube molds with funny shapes or forming iced glasses, these are little extras that will charm your guests. Once in good company, the party can begin!


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