2 days to revamp my living room with a micro-budget

2 days to revamp my living room with a micro-budget

Over time, your living room no longer suits you and you want to change everything without spending too much money or doing heavy work? Fortunately, a few good ideas are often enough to transform the atmosphere of a room and make it really pleasant to live in. With a very small budget and a lot of energy, you can completely revamp your living room in a weekend. Ready to take the challenge ? Let's go !

Saturday morning: I make room

Budget: 0 euro Duration: 3 hours Any self-respecting decorative makeover begins with an absolutely essential step: decluttering! We start by taking a large trash bag and throwing (or recycling of course depending on the objects) old magazines, newspapers and all the little useless things that accumulate in the pockets and drawers. We also discard dried green plants and broken or cracked objects without hesitation. Then we prepare three large boxes: one for the objects to give to charities, one for the objects to put in the cellar, and another for those that we want to sell when in a garage sale or on leboncoin.fr . Then we take in hand the books, the DVDs, the trinkets, the cushions and all the accessories of decoration by asking the fateful question: "I keep it or I put it in a box?" If the exercise is a bit difficult at first, we end up taking pleasure in freeing ourselves from all these objects that clutter our minds. At the end of the morning, it is time to inspect the furniture in detail. This time again, we start by identifying the furniture we want to throw, sell or put aside, and we take it out of the room.

The more boxes you fill, the better you feel, right?

Saturday afternoon: some paint!

Budget: around 100 euros (painting and DIY materials) Duration: 3 to 5 hours After lunch, put on your painter's blouse and take out brushes and cans of paint. The idea is to give a fresh touch to the living room by repainting an old or too common piece of furniture, or even a whole section of wall. The Emmaüs wooden chest of drawers comes out to you? Repaint it in light gray! Is Grandpa's buffet too classic? What if it turns lemon yellow? You can also repaint one or two chairs, or choose a section of wall to repaint in a more intense color to radically boost its decor. Any color is possible, but you have to take the time to find the right shade according to the brightness of the room and the desired ambiance. New paints dry quickly and have no smell, these few efforts will quickly be rewarded!

We are in love with this beautiful green - the Vardo N ° 288 from Farrow & Ball

Sunday morning: I change the furniture

Budget: 0 euros Duration: 2 to 3 hours Sunday morning, start of the second day of makeover, the question arises of changing the furniture. We must not hesitate to make tests to realize that such a provision which seemed improbable to us is in fact very successful. It is recommended to start by moving large furniture. Have you tried to swap the living and dining areas? Can the sofa be placed in the middle of the room, to divide the space in half? Or does it stand in front of a window or a fireplace? See our 5 ideas for changing your sofa. Once the large pieces of furniture have been repositioned, you can also have fun transforming a coffee table at the end of the sofa, or try to create compositions in the corners. "Since our arrival five years ago, says Nina, we have tested several arrangements in the living room. But when a friend offered to put the large table perpendicular to the wall, I understood that we had finally found the ideal solution. " Asking for the opinion of an outside person is indeed a good way to take distance, but you can also make a sketch of the plan to visualize it "flat" ... In Feng Shui, this stage of development is fundamental, because it promotes the circulation of Chi, vital energy, and brings well-being and harmony to the whole household…

You don't have to put your sofa against a wall: here, in front of a window, this Ikea corner sofa takes all the light!

Sunday afternoon: I work with color and light

Budget: around 300 or 400 euros Duration: 3 hours At the beginning of the afternoon, the lounge has already changed a lot and you are starting to be a little tired! Good news, if the last step is just as spectacular, it should be less physical. It is now a question of refining the decorative details by focusing on 3 aspects: light, textiles and green plants. On the light side, we bring in natural light by replacing the curtains with light curtains, or simply by thoroughly cleaning the windows. Then we multiply the light points by investing in some small low-consumption lamps, which we have next to the sofa, in the corners, between the shelves of the library ... A few candles on the fireplace or on the coffee table also allow create a soft and soothing atmosphere in the evening. In terms of textiles, it is a pleasure to invest in a few accessories that quickly give the sofa a makeover: a beautiful plaid, new cushions, a colorful carpet… Matching the dominant color chosen yesterday afternoon, these low-budget decoration accessories have the power to change everything! Finally, some plants arranged on a fireplace or in front of the window bring the final touch, while purifying the ambient air. Some varieties require little care, dare to get started even if you don't have a green thumb… And now, all you have to do is admire your new living room: refined, restructured, energized and modernized, you have transformed it in two days, for less than 500 euros. Well done, successful bet!