Advent calendar ideas at low prices

Advent calendar ideas at low prices

Traditional Advent calendars

To be ready on December 1, it is already time to prepare the Advent calendar. And there is something for all budgets! So to help you find an Advent calendar worthy of the name at a low price (less than 35 euros), you can opt for a traditional Advent calendar, which contains surprises, children's toys or timeless chocolates but also beauty and cosmetic products for teens.

1. Advent calendar with Nocibé beauty products € 29.95 2. Advent calendar Belledonne organic milk chocolate Chocolatier, Eat well € 10.75 3. Advent calendar Frozen Disney on sale on PC Passion € 11.65 4. Advent calendar from Schleich Farm available on Amazon € 34.94 5. Advent calendar to build Lego for sale on Amazon € 29.99

Advent calendars to garnish

If you want to innovate for Christmas, hide small surprises in an Advent calendar made of wood, cardboard or fabric, which you can find in hobby shops. You will find calendars to decorate or paint yourself and reuse it for several years in a row. You just have to concoct yourself the little treats to slip inside or find small gifts that will delight children.

1. Advent fabric calendar to hang on Infactory for sale on Amazon € 26.89 2. Advent calendar to be filled with Eminza red socks € 9.99 3. Advent calendar to garnish Eulali La Redoute Interiors € 11.99 4. Wooden Advent calendar in square shape to paint and decorate Artemio for sale on Amazon € 28.58 5. Advent calendar pendant to decorate Eminza € 34.99

Advent calendars to invent

Who says you have to buy an Advent calendar? If you are in a creative mood, know that you can completely make a more or less elaborate DIY model, with accessories that you already have.

Set aside match boxes or other small boxes to create small drawers, or build a frame to hang gifts on wooden clothespins.

You can put treats in pockets that you can make with old tea towels, in colored balloons or even use a compartmentalized tea box.

Also consider making a special Christmas mailbox in which an envelope will bring a different surprise every morning.

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