Installing a cat flap: all our advice

Installing a cat flap: all our advice

Do you have a pet and are you tired of being tempted every day by the way? With the installation of a cat flap, simplify your life. Your faithful companion will be free to come and go, and he will thank you! Manual or electronic, on a door or window, tells you all the steps to follow to choose and install your cat flap.

Which cat flap to choose?

- Take into account the morphology of your animal First of all, it is obvious that you must choose a model of cat flap suitable for the size of your cat or your dog. The idea is to have a practical tool, comfortable for him and discreet for your interior. - Choose your rhythm Before choosing a cat flap, think about the conditions you want to impose on its use. Thanks to a locking system, you can let your animal come and go as it pleases, or on the contrary program schedules. Thus, it is you who keep control over its outputs. An option that can be very useful, especially at night. No more night or too early wake-up calls! - Filter the entries Another element to take into account and not least: the traditional cat flaps, called manual, do not allow to filter the passage. In other words, there is a good chance that an unwanted animal will one day come to your house! To avoid this kind of unpleasant surprise, there are electronic cat flaps, which recognize your four-legged friend by the signal emitted by his identification chip or a medallion attached to his collar. This type of cat flap is more expensive than conventional models, but you can sleep peacefully! - Insulate well There remains the problem of insulation, both thermal and sound. Installing a pet door creates an opening in your home, and it is important to anticipate potential inconvenience. To avoid heat loss, there are models with magnetic edges and insulated hatch. A pet door can also be noisy, so make sure you choose the quietest possible, especially if it is near a bedroom.

A cat flap that matches your decor

Besides its technical details, do not neglect the aesthetics of your cat flap. It will be part of your interior just like the rest of the decor. Most models are available in neutral colors for more discretion (white, black or gray), but there are also imitation wood or more colorful models. And if you can't find the cat flap to your liking, paint it and voila!

Your cat will stop looking unhappily at the window

Where to place your cat flap?

Pet doors can be installed almost anywhere: on wooden, metal or plastic doors, windows or walls. However, it is not possible to install it on an armored door. - Install a cat flap on a wall The ideal is of course to plan the location of the cat flap before building the wall, but if not, you can completely drill the wall and place an extension tunnel for the cat flap. Unless you are a seasoned handyman, it is preferable to have this operation carried out by a professional to guarantee a clean and waterproof installation, and above all not to damage your home! - Install a cat flap on a window Again, it is better to call a professional. If it is relatively easy to drill a hole in the glass using a glass cutter, it is much less obvious to give it its rectangular shape suitable for the cat flap. Note that not all glazing is suitable for installing a cat flap, hence the importance of obtaining prior information. - Install a cat flap on a door This option is easier to do by yourself and within the reach of any good handyman, provided you have the necessary tools: a drill-driver, a jigsaw, a spirit level and a screwdriver. If a template is not supplied with the pet door, a ruler and a pencil will be useful. In general, it is recommended to place the cat flap in the middle of the door or wall for which it is intended. The height will be determined here again by the size of your animal: measure the distance between the ground and the bottom of its belly. This measurement, generally around 15 cm, corresponds to the lower level of the hole in the cat flap.

How to install your cat flap?

1, 2, 3 steps are enough to make your faithful companion autonomous! First, you must transfer the template of the cat flap to the location where you want to position it in pencil. Remember to check that it is horizontal thanks to your bubble level. Then make room for cutting the location and drilling the mounting holes. Finally, all you have to do is place the cat flap and fix it, before making sure it works properly! Find all our advice in the practical sheet Installing a cat flap.

How to practice with your pet?

To allow your cat or dog to use this life-changing tool well, learning is essential. He must understand that the cat flap is a door: at the start, leave the hatch open and place a treat or a toy on one side. Reward your animal as soon as it crosses the cat flap. You will see, he will soon adopt it!