10 commandments to optimize room space

10 commandments to optimize room space

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Sensation of narrowness, of congestion, of oppression? Don't let the lack of space affect the quality of your sleep. With a few tips and smart furniture, it is possible toenlarge the room without having to push the walls. Here are the 10 fundamentals for an optimized room.

1 / The void you will make

To enlarge a room in need of square meters we start by making buddy-buddy with sobriety. Sort, give, purify, strip, empty: the space immediately seems more fluid and airy. Yes, less is more!

2 / Ordered you will be

Storage is the key to an optimized bedroom. So don't get overwhelmed by your stuff and adopt quickly accessories that will make your storage easier . Clothes divider, wall shelves, hanging hooks, coat hook, scarf holder, shoe rack and everything is in order…

3 / Clear and bright shades you will choose

Light and bright shades have the power to give the illusion of a larger room. So we use and abuse pastel green, pale pink, sun yellow and especially white: your best friend!

4 / The space under the bed you will optimize

Don't underestimate thespace under the bed ; it offers a real advantage, saving space for storing bulky objects, blankets, clothes and books. Supporting proof with the JALOUSIE bed in brushed and bleached pine finish. Its JALOUSIE bed drawers spread out under the entire surface of the box spring to always gain a little more ground in the bedroom.

5 / The lighting you will treat

Lighting has the power to visually enlarge a cramped space. So we multiply the luminous halos, the suspensions and the wall lamps which are fixed to the wall without cluttering the space.

6 / Mirrors you will hang

"Mirror oh my beautiful mirror ... Tell me which is the largest among the smallest of the rooms?" ... "Me, me!" Exclaims your small room with its shade pale as snow and its mirrors reflecting light!

7 / The light you will let in

"Let us leave, let the sun enter ...": Julien Clerc was not mistaken ... Letting light enter a room in need of square meters creates an illusion of instant space. So we lighten the windows and banish thick curtains and heavy drapes. Let the sunshine in!

8 / Two in one furniture you will adopt

Murphy bed, mezzanine, transverse bed-cabinet… the furniture uses many subterfuges to make us save space in the room . Supporting proof with the ECLIPSE headboard which offers integrated shelves for an ever more functional space.

9 / Sliding doors you will favor

Discreet and functional, the sliding doors allow you to save a few square meters by eliminating the clearance of the doors. Whether in the dressing room, the wardrobe or at the entrance to the bedroom, traffic becomes more fluid.

10 / The smallest m2 you will optimize

To virtually enlarge a room, it is sometimes enough to exploit the forgotten spaces that you don't always think of… Attic spaces, angles, nooks, crannies, staircases, high ceilings and window contours: no square meter escapes you.

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