Try your carpet at home before buying it

Try your carpet at home before buying it

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Buying a rug is no easy task! Difficult to choose between the multiple models and be sure that your favorite will go perfectly with the rest of your decor. But why not try your carpet before buying it? Aware of the difficulty of buying a carpet, Saint Maclou offers its customers to test the selected carpet for free before committing to the purchase. Now, if you hesitate between the shaggy model, in natural fibers or between several patterns, you can make the final decision at home. To find the model that will fit best in your interior among the 33,525 models of the brand, simply bring the model you like with you! You will have 48 hours to test the carpet at your home, see if it matches the sofa with curtains and cushions correctly and check that they are the right dimensions. If you have not made the right choice, you can return it to the store. Didn't find the right rug for you? Saint Maclou offers you the opportunity to create your custom carpet using an online tool at You may be able to find your happiness among the 11 designs and the palette of 145 colors available.


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