The Flux chair: a fully folding design chair

The Flux chair: a fully folding design chair

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The Flux chair is nothing like a lambda chair. Like an origami, it folds, transforms, and takes the form of a handbag to be carried everywhere. To ensure a comfortable seat in a park, in the garden, in all rooms of the house, on vacation or with friends, here is the nomad chair that you need.

Between practicality and aesthetics

When origami or the art of folding paper attacks chairs, not only is the result ultra-light, but it also adapts to needs and desires. To settle down comfortably, 10 seconds are enough to mount the bulky structure whereas to take it with you, you opt for a flat 2D version. The secret of this transformable and transportable seat? A polypropylene surface that folds and unfolds at will. And thanks to its handle, moving a chair by hand becomes child's play. Yes, Flux chair is functional, but in addition, it has the advantage of being aesthetic. Inspired by the sculptures, its fluid lines meet well-cut angles. Because a total look of a work of art cannot do without colors, this seat is available in many chic and trendy colors. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"