50 euros for a cocooning room

50 euros for a cocooning room

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Autumn is raging and we have only one desire: to run under the duvet! We give you all of our tips for creating a cocooning room on a mini-budget! So, no, we are not going to offer you to install a fireplace for 50 euros ... However, with a little ideas and ingenuity, I promise, it is possible to make a cozy nest!

Sheepskin at the foot of your bed

The alarm clocks are already pretty cruel like that so let's make sure that our feet are warm as soon as the bed comes down with such a soft sheepskin. The carpet in question will allow you to start your days in good shape. You'll find synthetic sheepskins for less than fifty euros - for example, the Ludde model from Ikea will only pay you 39.95 euros while the Tejn model, admittedly smaller, will only cost you 12 euros. You can also negligently lay your sheepskin on an armchair or on your bed.

At Ikea, we use the combination of wool sheepskin + jute carpet for a very warm result

A bouquet of eucalyptus for the bedroom

To feel in your room as in a cocoon, think of the eucalyptus bouquets. The eucalyptus leaves and their blue-green reflections will do wonders on your dresser or your bedside table! Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this bouquet will delicately cleanse the air in your room. Besides the eucalyptus dries very well, you can keep your bouquet dried all winter! And all this for around 5 euros at your florist, who says better?

A bouquet of eucalyptus for a zen and warm room

Mountains of cushions!

How do you make your bed look like a cocoon? Multiply the cushions! If you are afraid of not knowing how to match colors, stick to the fairly neutral shades of colors - pretty blues, pretty grays - with, why not, a touch of complementary color - mustard yellow associated with blue or gray will be superb! - and all will be played!

At Ferm Living, we remember the beautiful blue-gray shades

Customize your bed line

How to make your bed linen even more cozy than it is? Why not add small tassels on the edges of your pillowcases and duvet covers? A DIY solution that will only ask for a little wool, scissors and a needle. Make the number of pompoms you want then with a needle, hang them on the edges of your bed linen. The color plus the play of matter will bring warmth to your room.

There, you have the version already ready to use at La Redoute Interiors, and we stay in the budget in addition since the duvet cover is to be found from 34.99 euros