The basic rules of a good electrical installation

The basic rules of a good electrical installation

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Without going into complicated technical explanations, it is possible to verify that your electrical installation is up to standard. A verification all the more important especially if it seems a little old. The Legrand company gives us some advice.

The electrical panel

This must be fitted with cartridge circuit breakers and short-circuit circuit breakers. Warning if the fuse holder is fixed on a wooden table, and even more so if it is porcelain or wooden fuses on a wooden table.

Electric wires

The electric wires must pass under a molding or insulating plastic tube. The wire arrivals must be built into the walls with a plastic box. Warning if the electric wires are too old, the insulation is damaged, the section is too weak, the electric wires pass under a wooden molding or a metal tube. Also be careful if the electrical wires are surrounded by flexible multi-strand conductors or with fabric insulation.

Power outlets

The sockets must have a ground pin and ideally a child protection system. Warning if too many appliances are plugged into the same socket, the sockets are not earthed (single socket without pin), the sockets are loose and no longer fit on the wall, the sockets are damaged or broken, the sockets are too old (metal, visible screw, alveoli incompatible with current sheets, etc.). We don't take any risks in this case and we change the catches which seem suspicious.

In the bathroom

Absolutely respect the safety distances. Warning if the switches, sockets or the washing machine are placed within 60 cm of a bathtub.

To remember

A good electrical installation must have: - an efficient circuit breaker, - a quality earth connection to evacuate any current leaks to the ground, - a distribution board equipped with circuit breakers or divisional circuit breakers, - conductors in good condition and in section according to the needs of the home, -electric connections protected by a sheath or rods, -an increased and specific security in the water rooms (bathroom, shower room, kitchen) Finally when you review your installation: you must always cut the power at the general circuit breaker, never unplug your circuit breaker and finally never touch the incoming wires.


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