The mistakes to avoid in a feng shui interior

The mistakes to avoid in a feng shui interior

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A feng shui interior follows many codes so that your interior is balanced and harmonious. And for this to work, there are mistakes to avoid!

Don't go overboard

Know that an excess of yin causes a decrease in form and sadness and an excess of yang incites to anger. In the same way, do not accumulate objects because it hinders good circulation. Feng shui is a question of balance.

Flee from triangular shapes

Round shapes are more favorable than those that are pointed. So opt for a round table rather than a rectangular table. The latter could cause you harm by giving you the impression of being perforated.

Don't neglect your entry

Room of passage, one often neglects the decoration of the entry. Yet the entrance must echo the rest of the house, it is a kind of introduction. It is thus necessary to invite the guests to enter with warm tones and a neat entry.

Do not use a single light

It is advisable to choose several diffuse lights rather than opting for a single ceiling lamp in a room. The different light sources will give life to the room and drive out the dark corners of the house. Avoid too bright lights.

Do not use a fragmented mirror

The design trend now offers mirrors in the form of several flashes. Choose only mirrors that offer a whole, non-fragmented image. Looking at yourself in such a mirror shatters your self-confidence and it destroys your energy.

Do not place your bed in front of a door

First, never sleep with your feet towards a door as it reminds of the position of the deceased, so it is very harmful to your energy. Then placing the bed in front of a door will bring you unnecessary anxiety that will disturb your rest.

Don't forget the flowers

Always place flowers in your interior (except in the bedroom) because they have the ability to ward off bad vibrations. They brighten up the room and bring a little nature to the environment. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"