How to integrate waxed concrete in my living room?

How to integrate waxed concrete in my living room?

Waxed concrete is a flagship material for the interior. Very aesthetic and robust, it integrates with all supports: floors, walls, accessories and furniture. Here are the golden rules for an irreproachable waxed concrete living room.

Waxed concrete, reminder

Waxed concrete is one of the finishes of natural or composite concrete. It is made by depositing or projecting a grout composed of colored minerals. The latter is then spread on a squeegee support so as to obtain an impeccable surface.

Waxed concrete has its effect

Waxed concrete owes its aesthetic and design dimension to several finishing operations: sanding, skating, waxing, moiré or shiny effect. Waxed concrete is also refined with multiple hues and colors.

Waxed concrete, from floor to ceiling

Waxed concrete adapts to all substrates. Slabs, concrete screed, tiles, underfloor heating, wall, furniture and accessories. The golden rule: the support must be clean and without cracks. A waxed concrete floor is aesthetic and resistant. And we owe it to the installation conditions. As such, professionals recommend brushing the floor with concrete glue before placing the waxed concrete.

Waxed concrete, qualities and defects

Waxed concrete is easy to maintain, sufficient soapy water. It also gives a nice cachet to the rooms and for a living room, reception room, this is an asset. Sensitive to impact, stains and humidity, waxed concrete is treated with suitable products such as wax, which waterproofs thanks to its resin content. On the price side… Waxed concrete costs between 100 and 180 € per m², installation included. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"