South African atmosphere with a colonial-style desk, get inspired

South African atmosphere with a colonial-style desk, get inspired

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You've undoubtedly all seen this 80s film, "Out of Africa", inspired by an autobiographical novel and which recounts the memories of Africa of a Danish baroness, when Kenya was a British colony. You could admire this exotic furniture, dark in color and imposing allure, these materials in local colors and these forms at the same time massive and distinguished typically "British" which constitute the colonial style. If you like decorations from elsewhere, safari atmospheres, the "discovery of distant lands" atmosphere, this is what you will need for a colonial style office from Africa. - Regarding the furniture, you will imperatively need brown furniture or dark red. Therefore, you will find mostly furniture made from tropical species, such as teak or mahogany (more characteristic of furniture from Indonesia). Be careful to choose furniture whose wood comes from sustainably managed forests. This is all the more important for exotic species for which illegal trade is significant. - Question form, you will choose a heavy furniture, imposing with sufficiently sober lines. When it comes to materials, you can combine teak, leather, rattan and bamboo. - To accentuate the safari spirit, you will play on African motifs inspired by nature, such as the stripes, which you will use thanks to the upholstery of the chairs, the carpets with lampshades. The safari side can also be made by hunting trophies. Zebra or elephant heads (ceramic or resin, of course!) Will therefore have their effect once hung on the wall. - You can hang flexible and clear drapes to dress your ceiling, which will create a lodge atmosphere , and will bring to mind the luxurious tents used during safaris. - The terrestrial globe as well as the dark wooden trunks will obviously strengthen the discovery spirit of distant lands ... Get inspired!


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