Like a fish in the decor

Like a fish in the decor

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There is like a sea air in the air. When April arrives, you are never safe from a fish stuck on your back! On April 1, the young pranksters have a day to play their games, while we are preparing a marine decoration in the house. Presentation of a child's room and a bathroom in April Fools version.

An ocean children's room

Imagine an underwater universe in your toddler's room. "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" is an atmosphere that has everything to soothe and transport. The aquatic color of the walls (in light blue tones so as not to obscure the room) is highlighted by a all white furniture . The decorative accessories also evoke the ocean by their fish shape or their marine patterns : carpets, stickers, light fixtures, bedroom linen or even a fishing net and a treasure box for storage ... Here is a decor that will make more than one dream.

Marine decor for the bathroom

You never tire of an aquatic look for the bathroom. And for good reason : there is no more obvious decoration for the water room of the house . shower carpet and curtain, tiling: all are adorned with small fish and blue (azure, navy blue, cobalt blue). To perfect the whole, we choose paintings on the same theme (seascape, ship, rope, marine knots ...) to decorate the walls. This is how the beauty of the oceans took hold of the place. Pictures of children's rooms to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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