The dishes are tinged with blue

The dishes are tinged with blue

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Blue is the star of decoration for 2011! All the brands dedicate a collection to it in order to stick to the trend. And this refreshing and deep color also settles in the tableware! This winter, blue has already been consecrated by two event exhibitions, one at the concept store Merci, the other at Gallery Bensimon. And its success does not stop there since all the brands offer new models which display this color which adapts as well to winter as to spring. Very modern, it finds its place in all interiors: both traditional and contemporary. And in order not to deviate from the ambient trend, blue also comes to the table. In total look or associated with another color, blue gives a very chic look to the table. Glasses, cutlery and crockery display blue in transparency, in matt version or even with patterns. We associate it with light colors like white or beige for a very refreshing effect! Discover our selection of blue dishes: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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