English style: to be or not to be

English style: to be or not to be

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The English style is curious that it comes in several ways, one very classic "so British", the other totally eccentric and downright "shocking". So the choice is yours. The first is combined in the mode of comfort, with large deep sofas, edged with a steering wheel hiding their feet, and often covered with a fabric with floral flowers in a good tone. Textile side, the dominant is flowery, the universe of the decorator Laura Ashley still very present, the "cottage" atmospheres and other delicious thatched houses still as "charming". The Liberties are galloping back and appear in the windows, on cushions, or in the form of rustling bed throws. Another possibility is the padded leather Chesterfield, where you could easily see Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes. Because we must not omit the Club style, dear to the English, very masculine, with mahogany furniture with multiple drawers fitted with brass handles, or the Yachting spirit with its references to the magnificent wooden sailboats of the 1930s. Paper painted with the famous motifs of William Morris decorator artist of the 19th century, are once again admired, and even sometimes re-used by lovers of contemporary atmospheres revisited. Let us not forget the so-called "English" wooden furniture as at Interior's or on the site of Antan and Elsewhere, in solid pine inspired by the country style. Extremely simple, their blond wood tone sometimes accompanied by porcelain handles is very appreciated by those who want a warm atmosphere in their sweet-home. In the more delirious movement, and in the vein of a Vivienne Westwood, or of a Paul Smith, both famous couturiers from across the Channel who have fun of the English archetypes, the furniture is adorned with brilliant colors, fuchsia pink , bright green, turquoise, but also large patterns. The creators have fun marrying, as everywhere, the past with the present without any complex. Refinement is panache of a touch of madness? Designer Guild, the famous brand of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and accessories, plays this register perfectly, and mixes very contemporary shapes with more traditional prints but totally revisited, you just have to see the Arian Cocoa or Monteverdi Turquoise cushions to take the extent of this diversion. At The Collection in Paris or on their website, you can also find a number of objects and various creations by English designers, with a large panel of incredibly original wallpaper offered by Alison Grant, the mistress of the place. Finally, you can decide to use the pictures with humor, a tapestry foot-stool representing a bulldog, cushions with a photo of a red double-decker bus printed on the fabric, or even a Smeg fridge fully decorated with an English flag. The only thing essential to set the tone, will be your cup of tea around 4pm!


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