My daughter wants a red, black and silver bedroom. What do you think ?

My daughter wants a red, black and silver bedroom. What do you think ?

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Manuela's Question


Design answer: start again with these three colors judiciously…

I think two red walls and one black wall are nothing relaxing for your daughter. Red excites and awakens the senses, black remains, even if it is very elegant in some cases, quite hard in a room on an entire wall. Perhaps I suggest you make a red wall, leaving the last third that joins the ceiling in white. This will allow the room to have a certain amount of light. This wall can be the wall of the bed. In addition, the two walls on each side of the bed can be painted in silver at 1/3 of the floor. To know if your ceiling is 2.5 m you trace from the ground, a strip of 90 cm in silver paint, the rest of the wall in white. It is preferable to integrate black in the curtains and possibly in a carpet You can also play on red, black or chrome lights. Another possibility too, lay a red carpet, make a headboard in black paint and accessorize with chrome or red lamps, a chair that you can repaint in silver and black curtains. You too, send us your decoration question