Balcony: on a country air

Balcony: on a country air

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When everyday life weighs on us, a little getaway is the best idea. What if going to the countryside on our balcony was enough? Zoom on this soothing theme.

The campaign wins us over

The balcony becomes a real place of relaxation. Real piece of life, it is necessary to feel good there. To recreate the authentic and natural universe of the country house on our terrace, we use raw materials: weathered wood, rattan, wrought iron. We express its country side by creating a small corner with flowers or greenery, by placing planters on outdoor shelves. For gardeners or cooks, in the absence of the vegetable patch, some spices are grown in pots. As for the materials, we obviously want them natural: linen, hemp, cotton ... which we use for checkered tablecloths, cushions, plaids ...

Country details

The balcony is generally a limited space so we opt for space-saving elements. We install a wrought iron style table and folding chairs to save space. For better comfort, we cover them with pretty cushions and we hide our "bazaar" in a small rustic drawer unit. The space seems enlarged thanks to a trompe l'oeil mirror window, we do not forget the refined details with charming flower pots in terracotta. Good idea: hang flower pots or hanging vases on a simple decorative ladder against the wall! Discover our selection for a country look:

1. Medici resin vase € 69.99 Maisons du Monde / 2. Wooden planter € 92 Old-time decoration / 3. Decorative gray metal watering can Antic € 8.99 Alinéa / 4. Extra stool in oak and pine natural 56 € At the doorstep of decoration / 5. Constance wooden mirror 59.99 € Maisons du Monde / 6. Decorative ladder for garden 24.99 € Alinéa / 7. Chair pad with motif 9.99 € H & M Home / 8 Wicker basket and its tools € 16 Nature & Discoveries / 9. Louise wrought iron style table € 69 Eminza / 10. Wafture planter € 16 Anthropology / 11. Mälarö folding chair € 35 Ikéa