Decorative aquariums in every room

Decorative aquariums in every room

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If the traditional aquarium adopts a classic rectangular shape, the possibilities of aquariums are so wide today that the object has its place in all rooms of the house. Demonstration.

An aquarium in the entrance

You can choose a small aquarium placed on a pedestal table or a small table. But if the space is really limited, it is possible to get aquariums that hang on the walls. The effect is immediate!

An aquarium in the living room

There is more space in this room and therefore the possibilities are endless. Many types of aquariums exist for very different styles. Vertical, horizontal, with flamboyant or more neutral colors, there is only the embarrassment of the choice.

An aquarium in the office

You will find aquariums integrated in shelves to give a little more incomparable to this piece of furniture! It is also always possible to place a small aquarium on the desk. Some aquariums are made for a single fish that lives alone: ​​the Betta.

An aquarium in the room

Some models make the aquarium an integral part of the decoration of the room. For the youngest, childish models with soft colors are appropriate. For older children, urban version models also exist.

An aquarium in the kitchen

And why not an aquarium on the table? Some very refined models can be used occasionally to decorate a table for dinner. An idea to dig…