How to organize your wardrobe in all seasons?

How to organize your wardrobe in all seasons?

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To start the day off right, it is essential to identify the clothing associations that will be adapted to the season, the weather, the activity, and our mood. Whether in the form of a separate room, a wardrobe or a cupboard with compartments, the walk-in closet deserves a little time to get the best benefits from it. It all starts with a good sorting, yes! We make an inventory of what suits us, of what we like (as Marie Kondo says, who excels in storage, we only keep the clothes that make us happy!), And we cheerfully separate ourselves from the rest without regrets. Now, facing its clothing space, we observe the space we have and we reinvent everything. It is therefore necessary to organize, store, fold or hang in order to have ready-to-wear linen and accessories easily accessible. From now on, opening your dressing room in the morning will be as pleasant as opening your window on a garden!

A wardrobe for easy access

© The Living apartment The wardrobe provides optimal storage for the ease and time saving: no need to fold clothes which, moreover, do not wrinkle and remain quickly accessible at first glance. At the end of the season, we put back the clothes that will not be worn for several months in breathable covers to promote ventilation, and store them at the bottom of the wardrobe. The choice of hangers deserves a little attention because it is not a question of distorting your outfits and you must also play on space without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. So we opt for ergonomic hangers made of plastic or natural or stained wood, if we have enough space. The velvet hangers prevent clothes from slipping and give the whole a little soft side. As to retractable hangers, they cling to each other and thus free up space. The wardrobe can available in different heights: high for dresses, jumpsuits, pants, mid-high for short pieces like blouses, blouses, skirts, shorts, vests, jackets.

A classification by type and by color

© Home & Garden In your dressing room, you can choose various filing methods, whether on a wardrobe or on shelves. We can arrange our clothes as we wear them: tops at the top, skirts and shorts halfway up, dresses and pants on the wardrobe bar, shoes down. But we can also decide to classify them by type: skirts, blouses, pants, jackets, dresses, sweaters and tops. And why not by color? All blue clothes together, tops, black jeans and pants, then white and ecru jackets… By playing on United and the printed, enough to spot and instantly compose your outfit. There are separators practices that slip between the hangers and have the advantage of encouraging you to respect the chosen storage without asking any questions. And what a pleasure for the eyes when opening their wardrobe!

Boxes to classify, store and protect

© Leroy Merlin Are you worried about storing clothes from the previous season? Find an easily accessible place for large rooms? No worries, there are practical and clever solutions! Space under the bed Often remains empty and yet it is an ideal place for bulky clothes or the season which ends, if they are well protected. The translucent plastic boxes with cover are an example. With or without casters, of various sizes, they will keep sports, beach and ski equipment… But also why not wedding dress ? Another tip: vacuum bags allow an appreciable saving of space and do not damage the clothes. For wool, we will not forget to have thenatural mothproof so that the mites do not make a feast of your dear woolens: small hearts or marbles in cedar wood, dry bouquets ofsweet woodruff. The latter is a white flower in the undergrowth which smells of cut hay, and which has the advantage of containing couramine. Little beasts hate it! And of course the boxes of different formats to accommodate belts and various accessories, which we label carefully to find everything at a glance!

For t-shirts, the Marie Kondo method

© Ally Bing Author of the bestseller La Magie du Rangement (First editions), Marie Kondo is in a way recognized as the pope of tidying up. No more stacking of t-shirts and tops: we fold them in four to store them vertically, aligned side by side. Socks, underwear and tights roll up like well-disciplined little wraps. This allows to have a global vision from her wardrobe and avoids removing the batteries and risk disturbing everything. What start the day on the right foot without turning everything upside down!

Adapted lighting for an optimal choice

© Power Electrique / Milia Shop Facing its cabinet, we can sometimes see that there is a severe lack of lighting. And even more when you shade with the ceiling lamp in the back! To avoid desperately looking for the slightest ray of light to locate this black belt or this top that we love so much, nothing like installing suitable lighting in our dressing room. We can choose spots to fix on the top of each shelf, or many adjustable spots at the top of the wardrobe or the cabinet. It is not always necessary to provide electrical connections because in DIY and decoration stores, there are now battery lights. So, let's not waste our time or our patience, the day promises to be beautiful!

A dry cleaning trip before hibernation

© Compactor From one season to the next, it is important to sort the clothes and then put them away clean. A quick trip to the dry cleaning is essential for jackets, coats, dress dresses, delicate textiles, trenches, but also suits and overcoats for men. They will then packed in perforated plastic or canvas covers letting the clothes breathe, or in rigid, translucent or labeled containers. For washable clothes and scarves, a wash cycle will do just fine. And if you want to perfect things, muslin sachets filled with lavender flowers or dried citrus peel will delicately perfume the whole; a few small cedar wood cubes will deter moths. Clean and fresh clothes for the next season! Organizing your dressing room in all seasons ultimately requires little time and resources for all the benefits it will give us throughout the year and throughout the seasons. Being comfortable in your clothes and wanting to wear them also goes through this organization. So, we get started and we… shine!


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