Relaxation bedding for quality sleep

Relaxation bedding for quality sleep

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We spend more than a third of our lives in bed. Suffice to say that having quality bedding should not be a luxury. The ultimate: relaxation bedding. Its technology is at the service of body movements to offer maximum relaxation.

Relaxation bed = medical bed?

Stop misconceptions: relaxation bedding is rarely a medical bed. It is above all a bed offering à la carte comfort because it allows you to choose the ideal position for sleeping, reading, watching TV…

What exactly is relaxation bedding?

It is a bed that can be raised at the head and at the feet, but also in other parts. Kinetics is the term used to talk about the number of adjustable parts (up to six) and their movements. Relaxation bedding provides full support without breaking the body, allowing a progressive reception and a better distribution of pressure points.

Why do we sleep better in a relaxation bed?

Because the bed is perfectly adapted to the morphology. The body therefore does not suffer any trauma, it rests more quickly and relaxes more. And blood flows better for lighter legs when you wake up.

Who is relaxation bedding for?

To all those who like to spend time in their bed, whatever their age. Because it is much better to read, watch TV, surf the Internet, have breakfast in bed ... Relaxation bedding is also for people with back problems, as well as those who have difficulty moving: disabled people, pregnant women, elderly people…

Is the relaxation bedding motorized?

Yes, but it is the box springs and not the mattresses that are motorized. They have at least two motors and up to three or four for the more advanced versions, allowing a range of positions even more à la carte. For example, the head could be more or less tilted without the position of the back changing.

Can I reuse my mattress on a box spring?

In principle, no. Indeed, it is better to have a mattress of the same brand as the box spring so that it is well suited. In addition, a mattress must be renewed as often as a box spring, that is to say every ten years. Finally, we do not put any mattress on a box spring. You need a specific mattress, the outside stitches of which are placed differently so that it can fold.

Can a relaxation bed be decorative?

Yes. Increasingly, bedding manufacturers offer à la carte models: you choose your box spring and then the covering (the headboard, the frame, the feet) depending on the decor of your room. The offer is more and more wide (fabric, wood, metal ...) and today we find really decorative relaxation beds.

Is a relaxation bed expensive?

This comes at a price, but their cost is falling more and more with their democratization. It takes from 700 to 4000 € for a double box spring, and from 700 to 1500 € for a double mattress. But it's a health investment for ten years. To know more :