13 design, practical and ecological bins!

13 design, practical and ecological bins!

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Practical, beautiful and eco-friendly bins! You are not dreaming, the 21st century trash can is all that at the same time! To make your choice, take inspiration from our selection of trash cans and baskets at the forefront of green decoration .

The design version

The palm of gold of design undoubtedly goes to the Ovetto trash can. A little expensive for a bin (179 euros) but it is well worth it! Made with recyclable materials assembled by solidarity cooperatives, it allows you to sort your waste in its 3 compartments matching the color of the outer trash cans. You can also compact your bottles and cans with a compactor placed on top. Always 100% recyclable, the Wood bamboo bin will bring a touch of design and softness to your bathroom (59.95 euros).

The humorous version

Just because garbage is thrown in there doesn't mean that garbage bags should be ugly and sad. At Suck Uk, they are downright funny, with goldfish or Christmas pudding. In addition, these products are ultra-resistant, 100% biodegradable and contain no toxic material (10 euros per 12 bags). The brand Derrière la Porte offers a "Tri select" kitchen bin with an ecological message with funny waste and the following text: "You should see everything mixed up" (55.60 euros).

The bag version

Both practical and decorative, sorting bags can be a good option. They are an original way to recycle, while decorating the kitchen. Once filled, you can easily transport them, using handles, directly to the recycling terminals. This is the case for the bags sold on the site (15.95 euros). Same idea with the vertical version, to hang or hang behind a door to save space (39 euros).


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