3 DIY string lights

3 DIY string lights

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Origami, floral or lantern version, make your own light garland to brighten up the balcony, terrace and meals with friends.

An origami garland

Do you like paper, folding and are a bit patient? So make a kawaii garland with origami paper . Your starting base will be a LED garland (E-TREELIGHT type) which has the particularity of not heating and being rechargeable with solar energy. For this DIY, you will need:
1 LED garland
a pair of scissors
origami papers
Scotch tape Before you start, you need to determine your origami: butterfly, bird or cube, everything is allowed! In Paris, Adeline Klam offers for example an extraordinary choice of papers and tutorials on her blog. Remember, however, that in the end you will have to fix each design on each LED bulb. So it has to be practical. There, DIY begins. Fold as many origami as there are bulbs to hide and then fix them without tape if they can stand alone or with tape if necessary. You can also take inspiration from the mix of colors of the ORIGAMI Alinéa garland.

Flowers as a light garland

Second possibility for those who love flowers. This tutorial requires patience, but the result is sublime. Here is the necessary equipment:
tissue paper in one or more colors according to your wishes
a pair of scissors
a pencil
a ruler
transparent wire
a needle
and finally always from the same E-TREELIGHT garland. Here are the instructions and a video tutorial to watch: 1. Cut 10x10 cm squares into a thickness of 4 to 5 sheets; 2. Then group 8 squares of leaves together and fold them into an accordion; 3. Cut a piece of transparent wire and tie your accordion in the middle; 4. Cut all ends of the accordions into a round shape; 5. Then unfold one side as much as possible until you get a nice rounded shape; 6. Then bring a leaf inward to start forming the flower. Repeat with each layer of tissue paper. The more gently you do the gestures, the more delicate the rendering. 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other side of the folding accordion. 8. Take a long piece of thread and pass your needle to the back of each flower to assemble them while making sure to leave space between them. 9. Here we are, almost there! Position your light string LED in the air or on a table and wrap the one with the flowers around. Magic works!

Colorful lanterns and balls of wool

Do you have balls of wool left at home? Here is an opportunity to recycle them! For this new achievement, you will need:
knitting yarn (cotton, wool, acrylic)
glue polish
a flat head brush
inflatable balloons
an E-TREELIGHT light garland
a wool needle
Here are the various steps you need to follow for this DIY: 1. To the creation of the wool ball , inflate a balloon about 6 cm in diameter, close it. Cover it with the paint glue brush. Choose a knitting yarn, tie it at the base of the balloon and turn around to cover it but leaving spaces for the light to pass through later. Apply a layer of glue again and set aside. Repeat this step with as many balloons as you need to make up your garland. 2. Once all the balls are formed, comes the drying stage . Ideally, if you can, place them in the sun, turning them around every 30 minutes or so. The better the drying, the better the resistance. 3. Once the balloons have dried, you can proceed toassembly stage . Pierce each balloon with the wool needle and remove the balloon, proceeding slowly. Then increase the diameter of the hole using a pen by forming small circles (not too much either because the LED bulb of the garland must not come out once fitted). Position each ball on each LED. Then put the garland in place, press the switch and admire! And if you want to have this tutorial in pictures, we invite you to take a look at the blog Rue Rivoirette. Summer is coming, ready, ready… Photo credits: Adeline Klam, Fabricamania, Rue Rivoirette.

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