For a 100% cocooning white room, get inspired…

For a 100% cocooning white room, get inspired…

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No one will say the opposite: curling up under the duvet when it's cold is a tasty moment ... Ah, the duvet, a source of warmth and well-being! It is true that when the weather is bleak, the room then becomes a privileged space to protect both physically and psychologically from the cold. It is an intimate place where one comes to seek comfort and appeasement. This is why, in terms of decoration, it is important not to neglect this room, on the contrary it must be treated to make it a soft and warm space, a perfect place for a good cocooning session. Long live the bright rooms 100% cocooning! The tones of ecru, white, beige, you will say, sometimes seem too cold, yet they are sources of light, essential to keep your spirits up. This is why opting for a clean room is never a bad choice. You just need to know how to use these colors, and find the right materials that will warm your room to make it a bright and warm place. For a cocooning white room , you will therefore need: - Walls and white furniture . Know that if you like the ultra modern side of white lacquered, it desperately lacks warmth. This is why, to create a cocoon atmosphere, you will have in return to match this "cold" white with much warmer materials and colors. - Enhance your entire room with fur, long hairs , always sources of softness, comfort and warmth. For a cocooning atmosphere, prefer for example the sheep's skin , which you will have everywhere on your floor. Your bare and cold feet will thank you and the well-being effect is guaranteed! You can also opt for angora cushions. - To contrast with the white tones of your walls and your furniture, bring a few touches ofa color you choose warm obviously. Red cushions, a small bedside lamp in the same tone will do the trick. - If you like the style, you can choose a bergère armchair a bit rococo with lines all round and large comfortable cushions. It will be an additional source of warmth and softness, and you can curl up pleasantly. Now is the time to take inspiration!


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