3 ideas around the snow globe

3 ideas around the snow globe

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The snow globe has existed since the Universal Exhibition of 1878 and it is still essential! Here are some tips to dust off the image of snow globes that oscillates between kitsch and design…

As a guest gift

You can now customize the snow globes with photos of your choice. Are you inviting your friends over for dinner? Give them a ball with a photo that is close to your heart or the theme of your evening. It is also an original idea for birthdays.

In clipboard

We opt for snow globes "work of art" that we will put on a desk as a clipboard. The fashion houses now offer very luxurious snow globes like that of Martin Margiela which contains Swarovski crystals. And this year, even Ladurée offers its snow globe (limited edition, 120 euros)!

In table decor

And for the holidays, we have a multitude of snow globes on the table. They can also be used on the table runner. Guests can always turn them over while waiting between two dishes or during digestion. A significant attraction during festive meals. Did you know ? A snow globe collector is called a chionospherephile.


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